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  • Tim Tim Apr 27, 2008 22:52 Flag

    Those who lost the plot

    The Sky commentators did comment on United players barracking the ref, but it's understandable in such a big match, especially when the ref seemed to give a free kick Chelsea's way for no reason other than to alleviate the pressure in their box. I'm not condoning it, neither did Andy "he hates United anyway" Gray, I'm just understanding it.

    You also missed out the fact that Ferdinand has made up for his unfortunate behaviour post-match: http://www.manutd.com/default.sps?pagegid={B4CEE8FA-9A47-47BC-B069-3F7A2F35DB70}&newsid=549800

    It was disappointing to see Queiroz doing a Wenger in the post-match interviews, even though I don't know about that penalty either, TBH. From the slow-mo replays, you can't tell whether it hit an arm, a leg or a chest, so how the linesman was so sure I'll never know. The fact is if we'd have played well in the first half and put the right players on the pitch from the start, it would have made all the difference, but we didn't so there's no point blaming someone else.

    Lastly, what exactly was the deal with this "warm-down incident"? Some of the players taking part had been sat behind the bench wearing suits during the game, and did not take any part in the match, why were they "warming down" at all?

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    • On the "warm down", yes, Neville and Scholes had taken no part in the match beyond wandering about the pitch in business suits for twenty minutes an hour before it started. Somewhere I read it was less a "warm-down" for the subs and more a "full-blown training session". Can't imagine why.

      I don't know what happened but it seems terribly childish, probably from all concerned. You'd think that if Man U wanted to use a part of the pitch for a while they'd ask. If the answer is yes, the Chelsea staff have no business interrupting them. But if they hadn't got permission and Chelsea ground-staff ask them to move on or over then they should.

      Given it happened away from public view you'd think the FA need take no action unless one club made a complaint.

      It's all just handbags, isn't it?


    • Couldn't access the link - blocked by my parental control. Was it a Rio roasting vid?

      Or a statement that he is buying his kicking victim a bunch of flowers. Someone might need to remind Dopey to give them to the woman and not the wall.

      With his dosh he should be paying for her to go to Moscow to watch Barcelona giving the Chavs a thrashing in the CL final.