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    Rooney...Has he improved???

    You guys watch him week in week out, although I see a fair bit of him, and I've read a lot of comments about him recently that I agree with, but I was interested to get a United perspective.

    Think back to Rooeny when he was young, adept at using his physique to bully people, a street footballer if you will, playing with freedom, knocking opponents around, tormenting them at times, and always involved in the action, scoring, creating, in fact a dominant belligerent little dynamo that was a nightmare for the opposiiton. I still remember the keepy uppy he did on Croatia, then scoring twice. HAmmering into it might have been Westerveld back then. HE was a right pain.

    Now he seems to have gone backwards with all that coached out of him. The swagger has gone, he's overshadowed by Ronaldo, he doesn't intimidate any more, he doesn't use his skills either largely keeping it simple. His goalscoring isn't what I thought it might become, and he's less of a player than he was IMO. He was as an England fan, a great hope, and it was thought he might be truly outstanding.

    I'm not blaming Sir Alex, it might be the money, the cosy existance, the OK photoshoots, Coleen, the respect for ref's campaign, all sorts of things. OR it might be the team ethic he has to play in now, that he doesn't feel top dog, it might be the inujuries he's had.

    Are our hopes for him gone? Is he just another player? OR will he be special again? Does he need to leave United?

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    • Has he improved? Short answer is No.

      He is not an out and out striker. As mentioned above, better playing off the main striker. Only problem is Man U don't have one. Sahahahahaha?

      SAF will buy a quality centre forward in the summer and Rooney will revert to his preferred position and Ronaldo won't have to carry the rest of the team.

      Of course it could be that young Rooney doesn't have the hunger any more. Must have been more fun at Everton. He may have reached his peak (high enough by anyones standards) and you won't see him develop any further.

      USA beckons in a couple of years and he can play against Becks in MLS whilst Colleen goes shopping with Posh.

    • Speaking of Rooney improving - anyone seen anything about his fitness for this weekend? We should beat Wigan without him but, be nicer to have him as well.

    • I can find little to disagree with in this assessment of Rooney' season from the most recent Red Issue:

      " I would play Wayne Rooney in every single game even if he didn't score a single goal all season. He may be missing chances that his 18-year-old-self would have put away seemingly without thinking about it. But he has only gone backwards if you think of him merely as a goal-scorer. And he's not. He's the linchpin of our attacking play, and in that sense, he has progressed enormously. His workrate, vision, skill, team-play and sheer will are astonishing, and I find myself admiring him more and more as time goes on. Ronaldo might be getting the spotlight, and deservedly so, but Rooney is the one holding the forward line together. (He's no slouch in the middle or at the back, either)
      Every bit as much as Ronaldo, he is key to United's success - and what's more he is key to Ronaldo's own success at United. If or when Ronaldo does decide that Spain would suit him better, both he and the team that buys him may discover he isn't quite the same player without Rooney beside him"

      Answer your question?

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      • Not really, and the description is written by someone with clouded red specs on going by where you aourced it from. I've seen many games where he has been anonymous. Anyway I'm thinking with a neutral Engalnd fans hat on, and being that Capello wants to play one up top, and we haven't got a Ronaldo, I don't think that it should be Rooney there. Mind you from that article maybe he should play in midfield? OR judging from your game against Barcelona at Old Trafford, I suppose his audition at right back went fairly well

    • Sideshow,aka slayer,Fabregas has been shite for the last 3 months.Should Arsenal get rid of him?

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      • Who is slayer....I'm not! and I'm only calling it as I see it. I'm not talking about 3 months, I'm talking about as a player in general. I remember when Fowler was in his pomp for three or four years 94 until 98 or so, every game pretty much he did something brilliant, if he didn't score he'd spank a post, or the bar, or a bit of skill that laid someone in. Rooney used to do the same. Every Everton game he'd do something amazing, and get you out of your seat or off the sofa. Now he doesn't do that. I'm sure he's an integral part of your team, in fact I know he is, but that doesn't make him a better player than when he was full of bravado and derring do.

    • this is a joke.Rooney was excellent a few years back but his age was a big factor.He is still awesome and even if ronaldo has outshown him recently how many players do you know keep playing amazing every year..you can be sure torres or ronaldo may have a worse season soon..its just stupid to say that hes lost his talent..there are peaks and downs thats all there is to it..

    • way back i was worried about the asia tour and thought it would effect our season and i think we have done what we have done in spite of the impact that tour had n that incudes rooney there has been disruption to the teams making continuity difficult too fingers crossed next season will see a good scholes giggs rooney etc etc

    • Its because he has been injured on and off all season. It was not a great year for him, but if you look at the cycle, he comes back from injury, plays poorly until gets fully fit, starts clicking with the team, then gets injured again.
      How's anything other than bad luck is to blame for his season?

    • nderson arrived I saw wayne going the same way as scholesy
      he seem more adept at attacking midfielder
      am I the only one to see the similarities? lets face it Henry started as winger a number of cf's ended up as central defenders or like mr versatile dion dublin. youth to senior sometimes defeats the crystal ball