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  • Anyone ever seen this guy complain?!

    I have noticed over the years that Wes never disputes much, never shows any emotion, but this season, finally, I have seen mr cool break into a frown once or twice and even show a bit of frustration, and obviously he celebrates like everyone else.

    But Park....nothing! (apart from the celebrating goals)

    If he's fouled or has a bad decision go against him, he does nothing but get up and get on with it.

    Not much of a subject but I just thought an unsung (ok thats not true, he does have his own song!) hero deserved a mention for not showing the sort of pettiy behaviour that is common amongst footballers, and I always notice this about him on top of his superb work rate for the team.

    Technically he's not the best but you can see why fergie picks him, he does like workers, and few work harder than Park. Against Barca everyone raved about Tevez's work rate, rightly so, but I still thought Park worked harder, he was magnificent and deserves a start in the final IMO. Just the sort of player we need in the engine room against Chelskis formidable midfield.

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    • Yes Phil Parks was a great proffesional......But why are you talking about Phil Parks after all these years???

    • Yes Phil Parks was a great proffesional......But why are you talking about Phil Parks after all these years???

    • Technically I think that Park is very good contrary to what I am Legend wrote. He hugs the touch line when needed, drifts in and out all over the pitch.The guy has been injured and come back very strong adding the strength in depth that has bode our squad well.One final push hopefully for the Champions League title and hopefully Legendary status where United deserve to be as Champions of Europe again.

    • Don't Forget Fergie's record for European Finals also :)

      I heard United are flying out survivng members of the Munich Tragedy and their families to Moscow for the game too. The omens are pointing to a United win. Lets hope we aren't left sorely disappointed. Otherwise it's gonna be a loooooooooooooooong summer. Regeardless of what happens, the team have been magnificent. But a Big Ears returning to OT would really cap things off nicely.

    • To be fair mate, almost everyone (barring Rio) was hopeless against Chelski. It was European hangover with zero recovery time in-between and too many changes at once. Plus Essien had a blinder in centre-mid. This will be another plus point for us because to accomodate both Lampard and Ballack, Grant will deploy Essien at right-back where he is utterly wasted. But this is all for debates purposes. We beat Barca and Roma away so logic dictates that Park will start. But I want to see SAF mix it up here. Park will play a part at some point during the final of that there is no doubt. Lets just see if Fergie plugs for Giggsy though. Odds are against it, but if he does, I have a feeling Giggsy will play as good as he did against Chelski at OT. On another note, I think we are having this debate a week to early. LOL!

      Give me a hand in bumping this thread so one of us can have a go at the other a week on Thursday :)

    • I have been a fan of Park all along.
      The guy is a work horse and scores some good goals as well, not to mention assists.

      He has to start in the CL final.

    • wow its a right old Love in with Park today isnt it? lol

    • I think Park has played like a man posessed since he came back from injury. His workrate has been through the roof and he deserved to start both games against Barca. He's one of those rare wingers that regularly tracks back to help out the defence and that's always gonna win plaudits from the fans. BUT, I would prefer to see Giggsy start ahead of Park in the final. Reason being that I think both Tevez and Ronney will be in the starting line-up and those two do their fairshare of tracking back and tackling. Anyone who read my rant after the 0-0 at the Nou Camp will know why I think it'd be a bad idea to have too many work horses in the team against Chelski. If Park, Wazza and Tevez all start then I can see Utd retreating into a comfortable shell in the Final and that's gonna make for a horrid match. Say what you want about tactics but I do not want to see us play the same way against Chelski like we did away to Barca. It may have got us the result, but it's just not Man Utd. I may get a backlash about would I prefer to play great and lose and thats fairplay. But I still feel if Wazza, Tevez and Park start we will end up playing 4-6-0 for much of the game. We may nulify Chelski playing this way but they may end up sneaking a goal like they did against us in the FA Cup Final. And we know how difficult it can be to try and get level with Chelski once going a goal down (yes we equalised at the Bridge but that was thanks to an horrendous mistake from Carvalho). With Giggsy we will get the insurance of someone who tracks back but can also unlock defences with a killer pass or run (something Park lacks IMO). And Rooney/Tevez will be more than happy to help out if required with one of them staying up if the other is helping out the defence. Giggsy to start over Park for me.

    • here here mentioned in my team too