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  • Man_United_Raj Man_United_Raj May 14, 2008 22:46 Flag

    Parks Attitude

    Well I can only HOPE Fergie will start him. I think he has used him sparingly since the turn of the year. And I have a feeling that he will feel that Giggsy will be fresh and ready for this game. He makes a potential 4-3-3 sytem on the attack work and knows where to slot in for 4-5-1 when defending. He can drift out to the wing, play through the centre of midfield or support the strikers/change positions with Ronney during the game. I know we set out our stall in Barca, but I guarantee if Park, Wazza and Tevez start, we will do the exact same thing against Chelski too. Thats my point. And I feel, the best way to get past Chelski is to play exactly like we did against them at OT. Enforce our game on to them. I just don't think we can do that properly with Park starting. I mean be honest, although Park plays very well against the bigger clubs (as a worker) and is more direct against teams such as West Ham and Fulham, do you remember him starting against any big club where we were the attacking and dominant side? The Arsenal game was a great example. Although Scholsey had a shocker, it wasn't until we changed to a more attacking outfit with Park coming off that we started to dominate Arsenal. I think we should play like we did (with a team similar to what we did) in the second half against Arsenal from the off against Chelski.