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  • Kal C Kal C May 16, 2008 09:55 Flag

    Ronaldo Flirts With Spain AGAIN!!!

    That Boy Ronaldo is at it again:

    “I am happy here, but let's see what happens after the Champions League final. I am feeling calm here. I'm happy here, but in the future I don't know.”

    “I have said millions of times that I would love to play in Spain, but it's one thing to dream and another thing for it to be reality. I don't know the club [Real], but I know that they like my game. I know that other teams in Spain like me as well. It's good to know that they like my game, but I am happy here.”

    Now, this was on a Madrid-based TV station, and while he harps on about being "happy here", why is he even speaking to Spanish TV in the first place? We're getting mixed messages from Ronnie: "I'm happy here/My dream is to play in Spain"; "My future is here/I dont know know where my future is".

    Make up your damn mind Cristiano!!!

    I am losing patience with our great player, yes I've been thrilled with his astonishing performances and goals this season but that doesn't prevent me from feeling thoroughly cheesed off with him over this. If he really wants to go then we should just sell him for the highest possible amount (United comes first). If he's "happy here" then he should keep his mouth shut and refrain from mentioning anything to do with Spain! A week before our massive Champions League final and he flirts with Real Madrid yet again. Unbelievable.

    Is Ronaldo starting to think he's bigger than United?

    Why would anyone "dream" of Real Madrid when they are playing for MANCHESTER UNITED???

    The great United players knew/know they were at the greatest club in the world: Charlton, Best, Robson, Cantona, Keane, Giggs... (I've missed a few but you get the idea.)
    They NEVER courted with other clubs because they knew it could never be better.

    Does anyone else feel even slightly the same way, or are we all convinced that Ronnie has United at heart and that he will stay for the next four or five years? Because I think he'll be gone much sooner and I also think I wont be missing him as much as most United fans will, and I hate to say that.

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