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  • ME ME May 26, 2008 06:09 Flag

    The day TERRY lost the England captaincy (NOT IN MOSCOW!)

    I think Terry lost the England captaincy during the Croatia match!
    Basically,it was a decisive match for England & Terry sat in the stand injured(or not!) with Rooney,Ferdinand,Owen,Cole,etc!
    The difference with Terry's injury was that it wasn't serious and he could have played.
    3 days later he played without any problems for Chelsea.
    Now if it was a friendly match,ok! But it wasn't & since then some people have had doubts about his real desire and leadership!
    I'm sure Capello noticed this incident & that's why he's kept quiet & given others a chance to proove that they might want it more than Terry. Terry has lost a lot of respect in the last year or two & if you can't be motivated in a last chance quailfier than basically it's time to give someone else a chance!

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