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  • we all know its his dream to play in spain, and he has promised his mum he will play there at one stage, but, united have helped make him the player he is and having just reached a summit, it would be nice if he repaid the club by having another couple of years with us. then let him go. but if he seriously wants out, then cash in on him, united will survive, no player is bigger than the club, also, the brazilian website terra is hardly a reliable source so instead of the hysteria going on why not wait until the player says it in front of the cameras or to united themselves. no doubt terra have sold a lot of papers today, thats why headlines like these happen.

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    • By not making a clear statement to stay or go and then sticking to it all he has done is annoyed just about everyone involved and increasing his market price. If he wants to go, fine. Take the money and run, Fergie will strengthen the squad even more. Personally I think he will regret it, the momentum is currently with United. If he wants to stay and give as much as he did last season, even better. He has probably annoyed everyone involved apart from the media with his handling of this situation.