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  • Blueskies Blueskies Jun 8, 2008 23:56 Flag

    Chelsea Demise

    Chelsea are in a mess and will not recover. The players will never get over the 2 knock outs last season and for that reason I think a few of the key players will move or be moved on. There will be lots of gaps to fill.... from where??

    The latest card out of the management pack is Scolari, I think he'd be dodgy If he did get it I don't think he could tolerate the press for more than a few months.

    The dream is at an end

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    • NUFC - I can see why you kept that quiet. But still, you shouldn't let your jealousy of the real United show so much.

    • This Chelsea supporter doesn't crave a Ferguson or a Wenger. I'd rather have Mourinho than either of them. But sadly, that didn't work out.


    • PML!

      This poor soul is a nufc fan!

    • Mathematically based on this year's results on those nearest the top 4 place dteer no. But then we can't forget that City are likely to have more money available to them than Liverpool will probably get and Spurs seem to be in a position to strengthen further as well. If both teams spend wisely and they show more consistency, I just think the big gap between the top 4 will tighten further and this season we might see a few surprises.

    • I disagree. With Roman financing, any decent coach can get good results (look at Grant). He will bring in a top level coach, spend another few hundred millions on players, and Chelsea will be the favorites going into next year.
      I don't think we can afford to underestimate them, ever. Regardless on how they became so good, the fact remains that they are, and they are in the position to build a new team every year with no worries about budgets and finances.

    • Wow, you're not just ignorant, you're a coward too......keep on embarassing yourself with your postings, Mr. Internet Troll Who Is More Interested In Talking About Other Teams Than His Own "Secret" Team....

    • I agree i reall cant see who can come in and getting results immediately. They cant afford to drop the pace. It all depends on who stays and who goes. I hear that the lampard transfer is still on and drogba has begun talks with AC. Losing those two would be disaster especially if carvalho goes aswell.

      They may go into transition and might struggle to stay in the top 4 if things dont go to plan. In a way that would be a shame as they have been a worthy opponent and raised the bar for us to surpass. Healthy competition keeps United focused and is more satisfying when you acieve the cups at the end of it.

      Only time will tell, but all it not well at the bridge.