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    Why you must let him go.............

    It’s a strange thing to say for a fan and admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo. He is, along with Thierry Henry, possible the greatest player in Premier League history, lights up matches week in, week out, and his on-field achievements range from the sublime to the ridiculous.

    So why do I think he should leave?

    Firstly, he has done all he can do at Manchester United. The Premier League and Champions League double is as good as it gets at club level. He’s won the various English player of the year awards, has taken goalscoring as a wide midfielder to new levels, and most remarkably, has won the adulation of opposition fans who chastised him for months after he played such a prominent part in getting Wayne Rooney sent off at the last world cup.

    The second reason is because he has gone on record saying Real Madrid are his boyhood dream. He grew up wishing to become a professional player and to one day possibly have the chance to step on the hallowed Bernabeu turf, in the home kit of all white, and be the matador for the Galacticos. No one should deny a man his wish to fulfil a boyhood ambition, and it’s not as if he hasn’t given his all during every minute he’s worn the Red Devils’ shirt.

    This enigmatic superstar was born to entertain the world and it would be fitting to see him move from one of the globe’s two biggest clubs, to the other one, to let him put on a show in another top league. And put on a show he does. He is compulsive viewing, as we all know. He takes Portuguese beach football onto the big arena and just turns on the style. Furthermore, despite oozing class, Ronaldo is as hard a working flair player as the game has even seen.

    But United didn’t pluck him from obscurity, did they? He was bound to end up at a big club, and from the moment United’s players first saw him play, and old pros like Ryan Giggs insisted Sir Alex Ferguson sign him up, the Manchester club were up against it, in fending off his other suitors.

    Two years ago, it was rumoured that he might be leaving, given the public outcry against him, in the wake of his petulant, spiteful attempts to encourage the sending off of his club teammate Rooney, in the world cup. The public put the England defeat down to him and labelled him a cheat. While his propensity to dive, exaggerate and look generally hard done by, are all things which have understandably far from impressed the British public, his talent has gone from strength to strength, at a far more rapid pace than that of Rooney.

    He has cut down - although not eradicated - the playacting from his game, and has channelled more of his emotions into producing the goods on the pitch. However, he still has some way to go in fully removing the immature showmanship that follows every referee decision against him.

    So perhaps, there’s another reason he should go. The ‘spoilt brat’ feeling within him, which boils over whenever he doesn’t get his way, is, on the one hand what drives him onward to succeed, but on the other, his biggest downfall.

    But that wouldn’t be such a big issue in Spain, and he knows it.

    While Madrid are champions, they’ve not succeeded on the European front in recent years, in the manner that their fans and owners expect. Changing that is a challenge which appeals to Ronaldo, even though his love for United is a bond he’ll find hard to break.

    I know you ManUres have decided to turn against him, before he has even left, with is typical of the fickle nature of the glory hunter.

    But don't deny a young man his dreams, he leaves you better than you were before he came, and you'll also be left with fond memories of when you were briefly the biggest team in the world.

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    • Just re-read this post - it's a good one - isn't it?

    • He wants to play for Real Madrid, he's been telling us that for years, it's no secret.

      The last time he spoke, before Real Madrid started all this, he wanted to stay.

      Then Madrid came into the picture.

      He has said nothing positive since, he wants to find out what's happening and talk to people.

      Why should he say his future is with United when he has made no secret he wants to play for Madrid?

      No-one has any proof that he has said or done anything towards Madrid, and if his agent has then that's down to him, we all know what agents are like, look at the Chelsea agent who turned up with 20,000 quid when he met Obi Mikel.

      You say the story can't have come from nowhere, are you serious? The press say whatever they want, Ronaldo just won a claim against The Sun for making up a story about him, they do it all the time.

      Now people are saying why doesn't he just come out and say he wants to stay .... why the fuck should he?

      No-one knows what's going on behind the scenes, what the clubs have said to each other, or what Ronaldo has said or done, and there's only one way to find out ... wait and see.

    • It's not really about what Ronaldo did. Maybe he did nothing. But this story cannot come from nowhere.

      Maybe Real just take advantage of Ronaldo's dream.

      There are clearly someone around him, his agent or his friends such as Heinze or Scolari etc suggested him what to do.

    • Simon, you have absolutely no proof that Ronaldo has gone behind United's back, only the word of the gutter press.

      The last time he spoke he made it quite clear he wasn't going to comment until he knew what was going on.

      If his agent has done things, as they often do, that doesn't mean Ronaldo had anything to do with it, or agreed to it.

      Any decent United supporter would give him the benefit of the doubt, and wait until this is sorted out, right now everyone is on holiday.

    • I think you missed the point.

      Ronaldo wanted to play for Real Madrid, that's fine. No problem.

      Real Madrid wants to sign him, that's fine. No problem.

      Two parties went behind United to make a deal? Big problem.

      They have to respect United to have the final say.

      Once United say no, trying create a public war to get this done is even worse.

      Of course United have to stay firm. We got the lesson from Byern that we have to wait to get our player, the same lesson should be taught to Real.

    • I see where your coming from. Your last paragraph tells me all I need to know about you. Only able to sling mud. Sorry thought I might be able to have a conversation with a decent human being, even if I did not agree with his point of view. My suggestion to you...Grow up.

    • You're the naive one, twat, what about Hargreaves? We made an approach to the club, they turned it down and we had to wait a year. Although the players wanted to come, Munich held him to his contract.

      Did Madrid make any official contact with United? Did they fuck.

      Coming from a club whose supporters throw shit at opposing fans, rock ambulances containing injured players, and got the whole of English football banned from Europe, you've got no right coming over here moralising to us.

    • You really live in a blinkered world don't you? For you a contract signed between a player and Utd, must be iron clad, and no-one out there should forget it. But, if the contract is signed between another club, and a player Utd are interested in, then there is wriggle room. Hargrieves ring a bell. What happened to his iron clad contract with BM? Want me to name some more? Even Utd fans on here admit that your hands are not lilly clean when it comes to the transfer market, so don't go play the high ground on contracts. Your hands may not be as dirty as Real Madrid's, but you ain't clean either.

    • I'll tell you what it says to them ... don't fuck with us.

      This is real life, not a silly little game, you sign a contract you abide by it, would you take a car back you're paying for over fives years, after three, and say I've changed my mind? What would they say?

      Players and agents know the way it works, if you had no contract you could be kicked out at any time, your wages could be stopped if you were sick or suspended. Contracts protect both sides, and if you don't agree with it, don't sign, it's easy.

      When a player wants a raise, which involves a new contract, they're quick to accept, and when the club says you can have a raise if you sign a new five year deal, they have a choice, sign and get the raise, or don't sign and keep the wage you're on.

      What do you suggest, players are allowed to treat contracts with contempt but the clubs have to strictly adhere to them?

      You seem to forget, if Ronaldo wanted to stay, and the club wanted to sell him, he could say no, and stay at United until the end of his contract and at the same wage, even if he were in the reserves.

    • Why don't you read the replies instead of hammering on with your own agenda?

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