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    Interesting Comment from Milans VP....


    "Adebayor has a contract, I'm always a pessimist by nature," he continued.

    "Look at last year when Real Madrid said Kaka was theirs. If the club don't allow you in there's nothing you can do.

    "If the player is at the end of his contract then his wishes are important, but if not and there's a contract and the club who owns him says no, then it's no. At the moment, it's no.

    "Does it depend on Wenger? He's the Arsenal manager, a representative of the club, and at the moment the club isn't selling.

    "Everything depends on Arsenal, but when a club says their player is indispensable there's not a lot that can be done.

    "Of course things could always open up but at the moment I must keep to Arsenal's official line and that is that for the moment there is no possibility of negotiating."

    ...and we all know Adebayor is desperate to leave for Spain OR Italy, anywhere but the small trophyless feeder club who pay you in skittles.

    Don't bet against Ronaldo staying.

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    • Absolutely agree with that - I would be happy if we got zero for him if he stayed for 4 more years- by then we would have had a shot at seeing what this burgeoning team will have achieved. And if it is money that concerns Ronaldo, imagine what he would get paid if Madrid just gave him a portion of the transfer fee money they would avoided paying. Financially, becoming an unrestricted free agent in 4 years, should have the biggest pay-off for Ronaldo, if he only thought about the long-term.

    • Most likely he could be sold for the same amount or maybe even more in 3 years time, given no serious injuries... At his age he will likely only get better, and teams like Madrid will always be looking for a player like him. How old was Zidane when he was sold to Real? 29? They still paid over the moon for him.

    • If Ronaldo stayed to the end of his contract and then left for free he would most likely have earned the club a lot more from merchandising and winning trophies than any transfer fee he would realise now.

    • i hope he stays the epl will be the loser if he goes

      why does he want to go to madrid anyway when hes with a great club like manchester united?