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  • Dominique L Dominique L Jun 24, 2008 05:25 Flag

    Question to the serious MU fans about Tevez

    i seem to be the only one here but i havent been that impressed.i know the stats are very good for a first season..but putting aside a few astonishing performance i must admit im a bit dissapointed.he was suppose to be the next maradona and yet i feel that many other players have shown more class this year.. im not sure why i feel that way but he's missed a huge amount of chances and that worries me,he's got a style similar to rooney and im not sure they compliment eachother well apart from that fabulous 1-2-3-goal between eachother..he's good but i was expecting more..as usual he seemed amazing when surrounded by average west ham players but in our team he doesnt look so good anymore

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