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  • rrichards rrichards Jun 25, 2008 22:41 Flag

    Question to the serious MU fans about Tevez

    Step aside Iam Robert harris - the thread says "serious MU Fans..."

    • i second that..

      i just think he looked impressive with west ham but i did feel as if he needed to improve..there was a point where he was supposed to be the next big thing from argentina..turns out messi is..he's scored some important goals but he could've easily missed them as he's missed so many others..how many goals has he actually by going past defenders on his own, or shooting from outside the box? i understand that he's useful getting sneaky goals at important moments.. but overall his price tag currently is way off..and to be fair i dont think fergie or man utd should just accept the fee without
      negotiating, after winning the champions league he seemed over the moon about having come to man utd, and now he's starting to be greedy and impatient if he wants more money then he might aswell have stayed at west ham..

      i'm getting really sick of players and money...i understand that its not every boys childhood dream to play for man utd, but for fuck sake we've just won the bloody champions league and i really wish some players would just stop whining,