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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 24, 2008 12:18 Flag

    Question to the serious MU fans about Tevez

    United have taken Tevez on a two-year loan under an agreement with Media Sports Investment (MSI) who own his so-called 'economic rights'. But United also had a clause that at any point during the two years they can buy him on a permanent basis by matching the original £10million fee. United would not be able to extend the current loan deal with MSI - under new Premier League rules agreed recently by the clubs, including United, that no player can be signed who is owned, partly or wholly, by a third party. So the club now intends to pay the £10million buy-out fee but will still have to agree personal terms with Tevez for length of contract, salary etc. I agree with those who say he is worth every penny. His understanding with Rooney is almost telepathic. Whilst I remain in diminishing hope that Ronaldo will stay, if he does go we will see much more of what Tevez brings to our team.