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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 3, 2008 02:58 Flag

    Gareth Barry, what a prick ...

    I don't know if he's officially asked the club for a transfer or not, but I did read he'd had a sit down with MON and the chairman stating he wanted to move to Liverpool in order to get CL football. However one intersting fact as I understand it, if a player officially asks for a transfer, he's not eligible for a cut of the transfer fee. But if he does not, and the club decides to sell a player, depending on the players contract, he's entitled to a percentage. So the asking for the transfer (which maybe the case in both the Barry and Ronaldo case) may not happen as the players are after even more money.

    I'm not defending Barry's speaking out, and on one level think its right that a manager should show his players who's in charge by handing out punishment. But what I am saying is that I prefer when a player (or anyone for that matter) speaks in plain language rather than hiding behind surrogates or press leaks, and I'm not sure Barry deserves all the blame as there are at least 4 different parties in this mess: Aston Villa FC, Liverpool FC, Gareth Barry, and of couse the agents.