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  • John S,

    By continuing to engage in any sort of bickering with Butch, you are effectively dragging your own good reputation on the board through the mud. Butch has got none to protect, why risk having yours tainted?

    Going forward, I will just do what some posters are now doing by ignoring his rants, saves you all the hassle. This guy is on here 24/7 bickering because it is his sole purpose in life, let him be and look for other non-abusive posters to discuss football-related topics with. I used to do exactly what you are doing right now by engaging in tit-for-tat with him, but thank goodness I've learned to just ignore him and I'm better for it - do the same and save yourself the trouble.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • typo - that should read epistemological as I am sure you all know.

    • Surely you make a fundamental epistomological error with your cretinous statement. You have never seen me. Anyway you are now going on ignore - fun, isn't it: it is like being on Room 101....

      byeeee Mr. Moron.

    • I am blissfully unaware of what Butch is saying, as I now have him on ignore for all his IDs. Rather pleasant I have to say.

    • This is my last post to you, unless you catch me out with one of your numerous IDs.

      My point about Manchester United supporters is that those who are not from Manchester should respect the fact that the club is a product of the city and its people. Whereas your point of view seems to be that it doesn't matter where the team come from or where they play. To you, it appears to be simply United with the Manchester left off.

      And LISTEN KIDS - DON'T TAKE DRUGS!! That OK for you? Presumably you think it is OK for kids to absorb your racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks though?

      My comments about you Gran were clearly intended as humorous as everybody but you seemed to notice, whereas your anti-Irish ranting was clearly an indication of how you feel about Irish people.

      I'll meet you if you want, even though Lee Bowyer has warned me about you...arf...arf...

      BTW - stop swearing, there's young kids on here you know.

      Goodbye. You are now on ignore.

    • I am not bickering with him. I am putting him in his place. Do you think United fans are going to take him seriously when he clearly hates the people of Manchester and disrespects the traditions of the club. He would prefer it if United moved to the USA and became New York Red Devils. He is more plastic than a Barbie Doll.