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  • Anyone But United Anyone But United Jul 14, 2008 23:22 Flag

    Banning under 18 transfers

    This is getting ridiculous now (ie UEFA's attempts to undermine the EPL....)

    What I don't get is why the head of a supposed European body of football is proposing changes to target a particular league only.

    It suggests that the English league is operating outside the rules, where in reality it is operating within the rules but just doing so more effectively than in other countries, creating this perceived imbalance/advantage as a result.

    Platini's persistent attacks on English clubs and the English game in general border on jealousy for mine. He wants to clip wings to create a more level playing field, rather than encourage more clubs on the continent to emulate that same level of success using the same methods.

    Yes, English clubs may be servicing more debt on average than their counterparts on the continent. But isn't that what successful business is about? Not about avoiding debt at all costs, but creating it within reason and the successfully managing and servicing it?

    Perhaps this resentment all stems from the global popularity of the EPL that allows larger clubs to service larger debts. But again, the EPL can hardly be blamed if it's the most watched league in the world....

    Platini is a tw@t. And I think he is very dangerous in his position, with the agenda he quite obviously has.....

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    • "....Yes, English clubs may be servicing more debt on average than their counterparts on the continent. But isn't that what successful business is about?...."

      No, it isn't. You got this totally screwed up.

      A successful business is about looking for niche-market opportunities, and capitalising on the opportunities through branding and optimum marketing of that opportunities via excellent delivery of customer service (think of what the EPL has done better than other leagues). Being Dynamic in the marketplace to changing enviromental factors and ability to adapt to changing conditions in the marketplace.

      The EPL has well-developed marketing plan which appeals to investors and generates much interests from overseas customers. You will also find that the EPL has effectively used technology (TV rights, etc) to appeal beyond its boundary unlike say the eredivisie or other European leagues.

      A successful business try as much as possible to avoid carrying too much debts, large debts are a tell tale signs that a business is in distress.

    • He's not.....he has stated that this is within European football as a whole and made no reference to the Premier League in the interview.

      The only people who have said that he wants this for the Premier League only are on this and other boards on the Internet.

      It's just an 'Everyone hates us' mentality that is rife at the moment.

      Platini wants to find a way to stop 'Player Movements' of under 18 players in all countries covered by UEFA juristiction...not just England, so lets not get carried away here.

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      • I am aware that Platini's proposals would be introduced across all leagues, but what is the driver, the motivation for it?

        It's about clipping the wings of the EPL clubs who are obviously doing a better job of finding and signing these kids that those on the continent.

        His home-grown reforms are also intended to be Europe-wide, but don't try and tell me it isn't motivated by the EPL's current monopoly on most of the best foreign talent.....

        Sometimes Platini reminds me of the US government going after Microsoft, who were accused of having an unfair competitive advantage, a monopoly that stifled to competition......