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  • if you join madrid your going to have a lot of jealous angry team-mates who dont want you and if you stay your going to have a lot of angry team-mates who think you dont want them, either way you will find out you dont mess with big clubs you have to be straight out in the open. go to madrid and you will get a suntan, a fat wage and might reach a cl quarter final next season and maybe a spanish title, stay at united who are current european champions, and by the turn of the year could be world champions. imagine that ronnie, the world player of the year playing for the european and world champions.............or you can go to madrid. i know going to madrid takes a bit of pressure off as you can have a few easy days but if you have ambition you will fight for your place in the team that are the best in europe and help them to become the best team in the world. will be interesting to see if you go with ambition or the easy life.

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