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  • sunny sunny Jul 19, 2008 09:47 Flag

    Real Reason Why Ronaldo is staying..

    It has been reported that Ronaldo was so ashamed and embarrased when he found out his recent girlfriend that he had been pictured with on holiday recently had also been a girlfriend to Sergio Ramos, she had kept the secret away from ronaldo until recently when the story broke and ronaldo was left with egg on his face playing second fiddle to the left overs of a real madrid player, this also with the madrid players coming out and saying that they would not be happy if he joined and was earning more money than them plus a few madrid players mentioned that they didnt need ronaldo since they already had robino and Robben, these are the real reason why he will be coming back to OT with his tail between his legs and has not pushed for a move to madrid in the last few weeks compared to the attitude he was giving when he was in Euro 2008...

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