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  • John John Aug 1, 2008 16:36 Flag

    Chris Eagles joins Burnley

    The competition for places is the same in all the top teams John. The difference between them is the hunger they have for silverware, and the effect this has on the managers choices.

    Utd have that hunger drilled into them it seems.

    I wish I could say the same for the Arsenal lads.

    Eagles may have had some modicum of talent, but he was never built to be the fighter that all Utd players have to be.

    Arsenal play pure football, which when it works, leaves the opposition chasing ghosts. We are bringing in some fighters again, but I know we need more fight fed into the ones we have.

    Anyhow, I digress.

    Yet another English players shipped out of OT. The only surprise is, it isn't to Sunderland. :-)

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    • The competition for places clearly isn't the same at "all the top teams": that is why players like Ramsey or Gareth Bale opt for teams where they have a chance of quickly getting in the first-team. There are first-teamers at Liverpool who would find it difficult to get on United's bench, and the same is true at Arsenal. Competition at United or Chelsea because of squad strength is blindingly obvious: would SWP be a bit part player at Arsenal or Liverpool? Doubtful. Would Rossi have been a first-teamer at LFC or Arsenal? Probably.

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      • You clearly missed the point John.

        The competition from the players perspective to get a start is the same.

        And I did say, it's the managers that make the difference, which basically reflects what you said about certain players not making first team starts in some teams.

        You also miss the fact that Utd have a few first team players, that wouldn't make it off the bench at Arsenal.