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  • Robert M Robert M Aug 7, 2008 15:40 Flag

    Ronaldo, Adebayor and Drogba

    Each of these three players seem to have made repeated statements in the last few months of wanting to play at foreign clubs next season rather than honouring their existing contracts. But for each of them negotiations with other clubs have foundered for one reason or another and the players have belatedly given their commitment to their existing clubs.

    What should the fans make of this?

    Is there something about goalscorers that makes success go to their heads?


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    • You caught me out with one of you IDs that I haven't got on ignore. If me and Dave had our brains completely removed we would still be intellectually superior to a serious tard such as yourself. There is no point in responding to this, Butch the Bowyer-beater, as it will be ignored....byeeeee Mr. Moron.

    • I am not really bickering with Dave, I am just pointing out that the mercenary player is the future of the game at the top level. We would all like Messi to play for us, for instance, but players like that will always come for money and success, and in the modern era you can't blame them because that is the football/economic/political culture they have grown up with. Rooney is a fanatical Everton fan who is 'loyal' to Manchester United! When Rio thought the balance of power was going to shift from United to Chelsea clearly a move was tempting. Gerrard is no different than Rio, that's all. People need to acknowledge this, and deal with it rather than indulging in myth-making.

    • Dave, I have nothing against you personally, and as somebody once noted "the rant is John's preferred mode of discourse"! Plus the old Denis Law and a few sherbets always gets me going....

      My point re. Gerrard is quite clear: your chief executive explicitly stated that Gerrard wanted to leave the club at that time. That's about as close to coming from the horse's mouth as you can get. The concept of player loyalty is largely a myth these days - remember how many fans from all the top clubs in the january transfer window were saying "let's buy Anelka" - not because you expect loyalty from him, but for his goals. I grew up in a different era, and I will never like all-seater stadia, or many of the things that characterize contemporary top-level football...

      Anyway, just crawled in from a mad night out, so I need munchies!!

    • Thailor, that's a typo on his part, he meant to say "fucking posters", as he is referring to John Shyte and Dumb Steer after all.

    • "error: above should read......
      'few and far between' "

      And what should "Matured" read?


    • error: above should read......
      'few and far between'

    • "Matured posters like yourselves are few and far behind"


    • @ David and John

      It is okay to have differing opinion about the integrity of our players, and most fans like to err on the side of the own players by giving them the benefit of doubt, being loyal fans it is normal that we tend to favour a player playing for our team in this type of discussion unless it is pretty obvious that such player is indefensible.

      Matured posters like yourselves are few and far behind on these boards, why not agree to disagree on this obviously explosive subject as real adults instead of back and forth bickering?

    • Me thinks you got yourself a little problem there John. So much hate directed outward, must be covering up a rather large hole on the inside.

      But shame you did not address any of the points actaully made, like your inability to actually back up any of your arguments, but at least your rant was eloquent.

    • Anybody who has an inferiority complex when it comes to Liverpool has got serious problems! The football team are has-beens with an admittedly illustrious past, but I don't live in the past and I find its yellowing pages somewhat tedious....you are not from Liverpool, so you can't understand the Manchester-Liverpool rivalry in any real sense.

      Anyway, I rather liked the report from the LSE profs that advised people from Liverpool to move to Cambridgeshire in order to improve their quality of life! Funny it was reported in the news as a North-South divide issue, but the guy wasn't telling people from Manchester to move down South! I feel sorry for the people of Cambridge who now must worry about a scouse invasion - mind you, it's better than them moving to Manchester (there was four in the pub the other night displaying their great sense of humour and laughing about Rangers shitheads defecating in Manchester...)

      Anyway how anybody whose team has just been humiliated by a bunch of sub-standard Belgians dare even venture into cyberspace is beyond me.


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