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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Aug 8, 2008 21:27 Flag

    Ronaldo, Adebayor and Drogba

    No idea why this thread has turned into a bash on Liverpool, as I believe the thread was started by a Chelsea fan, and asks a serious question. but there you go, some are just fixated on rival clubs!

    In a word, the answer is money. Top strikers get all the limelight, and think they deserve all the money as well. They see the grass being greener somewhere else. But the fact is their is only a handful of clubs in the world that can pay the salaries these types demand, so no wonder half the deals fall through. Ade wanted Millan, but they pleaded poverty, Drogba wants anywhere for a last big pay day, but who can pay you more than Roman. And, while Ronaldo would have got the salary he wanted at Real, a backroom deal I'm sure has given him at least most of what he wants, either a re-vised contract with Utd sometime in the future, and or an eventual transfer to Madrid. Although I'll give at least some credit to Ronaldo, at least part of why he wanted to go was to play for a club he supported as a kid (it must be just a coincidence they most likely would have made him the highest paid player in the world, or close to it).

    As for Gerrard, as that is where this thread has gone. No-one knows all the facts on why he did not go to Chelsea, and if you think you do, your just blowing it out of your &$$. IMO, the reason he thought about going was first more money, but second and more important the chance to win the prem. The reason, and again just my opinion, he stayed, was he got a new contract that took care of the money side, and Rafa and Co pursuaded him Liverpool are on the right track to challenge for the title and other silverware. Now can you all calm down.

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    • Well, first, it's obvious why the thread sadly started playing away. The first response was from a Liverpool fan imagining LFC are somehow superior to it all.

      I don't think it's all about money. I suspect it was in the case of Adebayor. Suddenly he had scored a load of goals, thought he was worth more / could get more than reputedly stingy Arsenal were paying him and started agitating.

      But in the case of Ronaldo and Drogba I don't think it's about money. Ronaldo seemed to get to the point where he thought Man United weren't good enough for him any more. He was the best player in England/Europe/the world, he'd won the Premiership and the CL single-handed and now it was time to go and be glory boy in Spain. I don't think money was the issue there.

      Likewise Drogba. The previous season he'd been glory boy, leading goal scorer, over-praised by the pundits and it had gone to his head a bit. He too seemed to think he was bigger than his club and so it was time to show how big he was. Plus Mourinho left and that seemed to cause a lot of emotional turmoil inside the club as well as with the fans. I suspect Drogba thought he could go to Inter with his beloved Jose and they could win everything there and get paid lots and so on. But it didn't quite turn out that way. I agree with you that if you want the biggest payday and you are good enough then why leave Chelsea?

      Gerrard I have a bit more sympathy with. I suspect he may too have felt he was bigger than his club and in his case it was probably true. Gerrard should be in a team that wins trophies every season and I suspect the reason he nearly left in 04/05 was because he was starting to despair of winning the biggest trophies with Liverpool and saw Chelsea as where it was all happening. And then he won the CL. Almost by himself. Things changed.


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      • I sort of agree its not always just about money, but I would agrue its a major part of it, and usually in the equation somewhere. For example how many players take a pay cut when they move? Now without sounding like my club, Liverpool, is superior to all (which I do believe, but dont' want to sound that way), I know Torres took a pay cut, but he's still very well paid.

        Think it depends on the player many times. Players not from Europe, would likely have less loyalty, or desire to play for a specific club. By that reasoning, I can understand the pull to Madrid for Ronaldo, and also the desire for Gerrard to stay at Liverpool, or Keane to go there.

        But, also have to remember that the small class of player, the very best of their generation, already get paid very well, so the other factor to think about is the glory factor. These lads have very big ego's, and they want them stroked. They want to be at a club that makes them feel like superstars, and they want to win things to prove they are superstars. Think this sums up Drogba, and also explains why Gerrard may have considered leaving for Chelsea. Not sure I'd word it that he felt he was bigger than the club, but sure he felt a dissapointment that the club could not match his own ambitions. Winning the CL, and buying into Rafa's plan is what I believe has kept him on Merseyside.

        But even when these players get that wonderlust for bigger or better clubs/leagues, Money still plays a factor. Once they think they are superstars, and especially once they've been paid like superstars, they don't want to take a step backward. But there are only a limited number of clubs throughout Europe that can really met their ambitions, both for glory and pay. When Inter Millan, the league leader in Italy, or AC Millan, the previous European champions, cannot met the financial needs of Drogba and Ade respectfully, think it says a lot about the ego's of these boys starting to inflate beyond the market in which they work.

      • The fact that separates gerrards potential move to ades, ronaldos and drogbas, is that gerrard never (and those of you who think he did FIND theinterview) spoke to the media about his desire to leave the club. Drogba spoke openly about wishing to leave, as did ade and ronaldo. The fact is not so long ago when a player at a big club openly touted himself to another team then he would find himself sat in the reserves all season. In ades, drogbas and ronaldos case whereas it is not true that they are bigger than there clubs, the fact that they will all walk straight into the starting 11 after such statements at least demonstrates that the clubs feel they are too essential to be punnished.

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