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    will you feel slightly embarrassed.....

    now it looks like ronaldo is staying will it feel odd when you will inevitably sing his name on the terraces and in the pubs.the fans who threw the shirt away thinking he was going,dragging them back out of the closet and wearing them with fragile pride for 10 more months. i dont have to give exaples of what mr average manu fan thought of him over the summer cause its here for all to see on the boards,and as a regular listener to the talk radio stations its clear from thier calls he was not wanted or needed.he will be playing regularly but his heart is still firmly in madrid and value will be less than now.he's took you all for mugs after feeling like a slave....so when his name is sung and given god like acclaim.....will you feel slightly embarrassed

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    • You give you age as 23, so you're not really old enough to refer to "terraces" as you have never been on one. Football grounds are all-seater if you hadn't noticed (although I would support any campaign to bring back the terraces).

      Why feel embarassed about cheering on Ronaldo? Something you need to understand about the modern game is that once you get past the ostentatious badge-kissing nearly every player at every team is a mercenary. They are not like the players when I was a kid in the seventies who would have been willing to play for nothing (and comparatively they did - hundred quid a week or so), so why pretend they are? If any of the "Big 4" drops out of a CL spot, they will haemorrage players that were perceived as paragons of loyalty. Welcome to the modern game, mate.

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      • ok john lets look at it a little more objectively ...players were'nt on peanuts still much more than the fans ...admittedly not to the scale of today. but if i remember right joe jordan was parted withe because he wanted £1000 and then frank stapleton immediately got £1000 pw I think my wages back then were £40 pw ??? and I am also pretty sure that was the seventies. frannie lee had managed to buy a toilet paper company by the time he retired mike sommerbee his shirt empire ...how many business did george own ...hardly paupers

    • Absolutely not. Please read any of my posts on this protracted subject and I and many other United fans have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about welcoming back one of the great contributors to our current squad. While I recognise Ronaldo has harboured thoughts of going to Real Madrid he still loves Manchester United; and I also see the huge bandwagon of Calderon, the Spanis press, the ABU's, agents and others, all having played a huge part in whipping the matter up out of all proportion - and that has had an effect on a young impressionable man. Also, those United fans who were angry with Ronaldo's contribution to the saga also need not feel embarrassed. They have shown their loyalty to the club in venting their feelings, and I have no doubt they will show their loyalty to the club in supporting every member of our fantastic squad. Embarrassed? - Not at all. I suggest you ask that question of yourself and all the other taunters who were so cock sure Ronaldo would be leaving and now can't stand the fact that they were wrong and he is staying with the European and EPL Champions.

    • Awww that's sweet Vlad!!

      Seriously, I don't want get into argument here because there is really no sense. If people wants to complain or criticize me for what I write, let them.

      They're nothing more than people with more time on their hands than I do.

    • If we win this season we'd be tied for league triumps. We'll break that record very soon. Hopefully in this decade.

    • no badgering in my thread please.only sensible debate ppl.

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    • ttkc, vlad is a fake chelsea fan

    • You went through all that trouble to create an id with my name in it? That's sweet.


    • Of course he is, don't worry mate, it will be ours.

    • Anyway, I guess Roman is very desperate to touch the CL trophy, isn't he?

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