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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 8, 2008 01:55 Flag

    will you feel slightly embarrassed.....

    now it looks like ronaldo is staying will it feel odd when you will inevitably sing his name on the terraces and in the pubs.the fans who threw the shirt away thinking he was going,dragging them back out of the closet and wearing them with fragile pride for 10 more months. i dont have to give exaples of what mr average manu fan thought of him over the summer cause its here for all to see on the boards,and as a regular listener to the talk radio stations its clear from thier calls he was not wanted or needed.he will be playing regularly but his heart is still firmly in madrid and value will be less than now.he's took you all for mugs after feeling like a slave....so when his name is sung and given god like acclaim.....will you feel slightly embarrassed

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