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  • Mick nufc Mick nufc Aug 18, 2008 03:48 Flag

    newcastle match

    well well well
    no humping for the barcodes eh? what went wrong..was it no ronaldo was it no tevez ..was it no fit rooney or was it newcastle played canny.im sure there's decent fans among you who will give us some credit.by the way maybe we have picked up a bargain in jonas,thoughts lads n lasses

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    • thanks for your mainly fair comments on yesterdays game chaps,to be honest those who pointed out that we celebrated like a win etc what do you's expect? we were never giving a chance by those "experts" on sky or the press.and with our goals against last season... it's like winning the bloody cup(not that i would know what that's like)
      all the best mick

    • Tevez is not injured. He has family reasons to miss the game. Nani is suspended. Ronaldo delayed his surgery so that we had him winning in Russia. Anderson is in Beijing. Harg is not injured during summer friendly. He didn't even travel with the team.

      Look at the big picture.

      There is a reason Manchester United in overseas not NC United.

      Whatever you stated has nothing to do with yesterday's game. Even if we won yesterday, you still blame Glazers, right?

      Compare to what Liverpool has, we should really be happy with our owners.

    • The difference is ourselves.

      The lineup yesterday contains a few players I have no idea where they come from.

    • The Glazers have interfered because they can't stump up the money like the PLC did , despite their spin. The lack of striker options because of their stinginess has meant that SAF more or less had to work miracles last year, and great manager that he is he pulled it off, although he was helped by Chelsea and Arsenal's problems and a bit of luck.

      The OBVIOUS difference between the Reading game last season and the Newcastle one was that Reading were ultra-defensive and frustrated/negated us in order to get a draw, whereas Newcastle came at us - a tactic that has generally been regarded as totally suicidal at Old Trafford. Can't you see the difference?

    • Have the Glkazers interfered so far John?You're worried after one match?You mean like last season?

    • Owen are Barton are both England internationals. As much as I despise them for different reasons, if they had have played we could have lost yesterday. And a Liverpool reject was the best midfielder on the pitch. We had very little in the way of creativity yesterday, and as much as I hate to admit it we missed Ronaldo in a way that frightens me.

      I don't wish to cast Gloom & Doom after one result, but there are clearly problems ahead for us. I just hope that the Glazers back the manager like the PLC used to, as clearly only an imbecile would argue that we don't have problems without Ronaldo or our loan player, Tevez (when will we buy him?). Campbell did OK yesterday, but if we are going to be the best in the world we need the sort of quality SAF wants to bring in.

      Love United - Hate Glazer.

    • You did well, Mick. You didn't do what certain teams do at Old Trafford (the old proverbial parking a bus!), you came out and played and deserved your result. I agree with Keegan that the young lad you bought off Liverpool, Guthrie, was Man of the Match. Well done!

      I have to admit I ridiculed your lot when Keegan took over last season, but I am prepared to eat humble pie over this. Congrats...

    • It was certainly a deserved point for Newcastle. Jonas Guttierez looks like a very good signing, and Keegan is not giving full credit to his side by treating a draw at Old Trafford like a cup final win. Given United's squad being so decimated by injury, once we had lost Giggs to a hamstring and Carrick (out for around 3 weeks with a swollen ankle) full credit to Manchester United for not only getting the draw but for being the side that still tried to win up to the last moment.

    • Man United were very lucky to get the draw!

      Jonas ripped them to pieces on the pitch, and the only way they could stop him was to foul him.

      Not even 3 minutes of injury time and a free kick from outside the box could give Man United a flukey win!

      It was debatable if the ref was wearing a Man United shirt at times too!

      Oh aye! and the silent Man United fans were yet again outsung in their own stadium by the Geordies!

      No wonder none of the regular Man United bores on here are full of lip tonight! Hahahaha