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  • Firstly Apologies for invading your board. I am doing so as an England fan rather than as a LFC fan about to spout drivel at you so please bar that in mind!

    I am interested in Jim White's column this morning, and in my own observations from last season, and from reports thus far this season, in Rooney's position in the United team.

    He does seem to play mighty deep, and he doesn't seem to score very many goals at all for the gifted FORWARD he is supposed to be?

    I do think he's a talented lad, whom United are infinitely better off with when he plays, wherever that may be. But what is the general opinion as to where he is best played, and where he wants to play.

    One thing is for sure he doesn't have that natural finishers instinct or touch. Perhaps even less so than Scholes in his pomp. I maintain he has not developed as many England fans certainly hoped he would, although why that might be I don't know. Perhaps it is this lack of development and his conciousness at not scoring the goals that others do, that is leading him to go away from goal in search of playing to the obvious strengths he does have, the best of which is his touch and eye for quick one touch passing.

    Sounds like Scholes really doesn't it. Anyway...thoughts?

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    • doesn't sound like a pop.
      I have said before that, to me wazza was more like an attacking midfielder.
      and at times when we break forward and are looking for finishers in the box, he's often somewhere else on the pitch, one of the reasons I have been hoping for the arrival of an out and out clinical forward who can also heasd the ball (a skill that seems to have disappeared)
      perhaps if we get berbatov, fergie at times will try berby right up front tevez and roon just behind then the midfield ie 4321.
      as for his developement, I reckon all this experimentation positionally can only be good for him as its all knowledge
      and players developement is rarely a constant curve physically and mentally, so perhaps a spurt is due wayne after this short levelling period? Or perhaps he needs time to recover (he probably wouldn't agree) from the extra demands made by england on a young player that he has had.