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    Silvestre to arsenal?

    The Times claims that Silvestre is wanted by arsenal, sunderland and city and that he is likely to opt for the gunners in one of the surprise transfers of pre-season. The paper also claims that utd have accepted arsenal`s bid.

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    • no loyalty at UTD! and this whole time we were worrying about ronaldo's loyalty...

    • Are we sure that UTD are getting 750,000 for him?
      Utd should be PAYING Arsenal 750,000 to take hm off their hands.
      Look at when he played, a yard and a half off pace, and the reflexive reactions of a striking snail.
      I thought he'd been given away long ago

    • Sexton was a major mistake after we had just had the FA cup win under the Doc against the scousers, and I was critical of him as I thought the style of play was very un-Manchester United. I never liked the Edwards family, who, like the Glazers, were hugely unpopular in Manchester especially as they allegedly sold mouldy meat that ended up in all the kids school dinners!

      Of course I am glad United won the CL and the league. On the field last season very few complaints (aside from the gripe that we shouldn't have played so negatively against Barcelona, although I suppose it was the pragmatic approach). The complaints I do have chiefly relate to off the pitch issues, but many which I regard as important such as upholding the traditions of the club, respecting the support that has sustained us over the years, etc. You have to understand, Ian, that to my mind - aside from the quality on the pitch - I don't like the crass over-commercialization of football and the local community disconnect it has caused. I know people invoke some sort of historical inevitability to justify this happening in much the same way that Thatcherism was justified as 'progress' in politics and economics. I dunno, maybe I am just a bit of an unreconstructed leftie. I know FC United are accused of that, and there are banners proclaiming "Capitalism is Killing Football", "Punk Football", etc and the Far Right in this country hates FCUM with a vengeance (just try googling Redwatch + Manchester and scroll down the page)...some of the lads battered some BNP in Blackpool apparently, and the anti-fascist book "No Retreat" was written by two United fans. Reminds me of the seventies when loads of City fans became NF because they knew that Manchester united were hated by the NF as a bunch of leftie Irish Manc catholics! Some things never change.

      If I am nostalgic, so be it. I think we both love United in our different ways.

    • It may sound strange john,but i don't give a shit about the Glazers,the coolmore mafia,MUST,Edwards etc.I only care about United.No i'll rephrase that ,my daughter,girlfriend,then United.

    • Ian, don't be daft. I have travelled a lot in the past. Just because I choose to live in Manchester doesn't mean I haven't been anywhere. I don't want to go into it, as it will sound like I am bragging, and you are getting silly. You are finally starting to see the light about the Glazers and consequently becoming increasingly desperate to justify their hostile takeover, leveraged buyout, etc. It's Road to Damascus time!

    • US money may be shady, but the vast majority of Russian money is dirty, and no decent company in London will deal with them because of it. Most of the billions accumulated from the privatisation of industries in Russia has been stashed away in banks outside of the EU. Soley to avoid massive tax bills. They are all dodgy fv<kers.

      Kroenke is a straight up guy compared to Jabba. Even if he does use some of the equity from his businesses, at the levels you are talking about it wouldn't put them under any serious financial threat.

      I have helped commercial deals to be done in London using 70% Senior Debt Finance, 10% Mezzanine Finance & 15% Private Equity Investors. Only 5% of the persons own money was used. Until this year, this was common place.

      Rant over.

    • Actually the Coolmore lot sold their shares at 3 quid each, so you could have bought some off them! then or before. You could even have missed a match in order to buy a fair few I will have to check with my missus exactly how much mine cost, as she sorted it out, but I knew it wasn't much at all, although it meant I wasn't able to buy a new sofa and blagged one of a relative...the sacrifices we make, eh

    • My views are different to yours John yes.Could be that i've travelled the world a bit

    • Yes, you could: SU even did a deal for 10 quid at the time. At one time they were about 3 quid a share, or something like that. So you are telling me you were worse off than your average beggar. A share didn't cost much more than a pint, and I didn't buy 70% of the stock or anything, just a few that I could afford, and some that were a present. Do you think if you have shares you are Gordon Geko or whatever? Some of your views are well mad....

    • oops,I meant only one please.lol.I know you care about the club John.I've never said the opposite

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