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    Looks like you have the upper hand in getting your man, and with the Russian all but at WHL, think Spurs are now more willing to drop their price. But....and I wanted honest opinion here, how far do you think Spurs have the right, in keeping Berbatov to his contract, or force you to pay the full asking price before they let him go?

    This has echo's of the two earlier transfer saga's this summer. First like Barry, a high asking price has been set, and is higher than the buying club rates the player, and second the words "let him rot in the reserves" has been issued, much like your statement on Ronaldo. So what do you lot think as the shoe might be on the other foot now?

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    • Hi,Can i but in here,doesent matter who you are,every thing from training,comes to light on the field,if a player doesent preform consistently the fans see this,you dont win top trophy's by not being a top side,which of course we are,but my point is,i just think we lack a bit of strenth,power mussle call what you like,in certain area's,midfield,and backline,and of course a world class forward,but of course Sir alex knows exactly what he needs.Rob London

    • Fair enough its Glazers(i was rushing my e-mail big deal)we're not here for a english lesson,I would like to know if we're getting Berbatov or not,with him i still think United are about 3/4 top players short of being truely world class,and even though we had a lot of injury's against Zen,St P,we are still lacking in crucial area's Rob London

    • Hey, Butch, so this was one of your IDs that got past me. You are ignorant and completely stupid. How the fuck do you know people at Old Trafford as you live thousands of miles away in Socceroo land?

      BTW - why would an ordinary soldier know everything about the Armed Forces, you dense twat? If you are going to come up with an analogy, try using your brain the next time!


    • Great post, Jim, and I have total respect for your views as clearly you are not one of our zombie robot supporters who will believe any old crap spouted my those within the Football Industry, who indulge in more "Spin" than Alaistair Campbell could ever dream of (although his view on football wasn't too bad - into his second tier team Burnley rather than a Glitz & Glamour club)!

      Anyway, at least you have engaged in intelligent debate, rather than taking the party line!

      Well, I better have a shave now and get ready to go and see FC United play Whitby! It's a love thing, and as I said in another post, maybe we are romantics at FC, but it really means a lot to me, the community aspect, the joy on kids faces, and even giving free tickets to young offenders to get them out of crime etc. Maybe we are a bunch of Punk Football, unreconstructed lefties, but it is still a warm feeling going there, unlike the Dark Iron Prison that Old Trafford has become! And not a prawn in sight, although the veggie curry is nice!!!!!

    • John, I must admit although I was born 1/2 mile from OT in Stretford and raised in Manchester in an Irish/Catholic family , I have lived outside Manchester for over 30 years and now live over 1,000 miles away. However where I do live is a hot-bed of United support and is frequently visited by United dignitories, indeed the club captain is currently buying a house down the road on our little island.
      I tell you this because I would be lying if I had strong views on ACS or ticket prices. I think its unfortunate that normal people are priced out of their 'religion'. But unless there is a change of world order its not something thats going to change. I love United , but I despair of the way football in general is going. Its all about money and greed and satisfying the desires of a few rich men. In particular I believe the 'chelsea/Abramovich' effect could be fatal in the medium term. If it wasn't for United, he would by now have a complete monopoly on English and probably European football. I have absolutely no affinity with Bayern's management , their politics are probably diametrically opposed to mine, but in their intense dislike of chelsea/abramovich and all they stand for, I share their view 100%. In comparison, a family of self-made jewish yanks are merely inconvenient.

    • Jim, I understand your points. It is not so much that I oppose a Free Market Economy, but rather that I think there should be protection from market rapaciousness when it comes to an important cultural institution like a football club. When New Labour came to power they actually promised that football clubs would be treated differently, than say, Marks & Spencers, and the supporters wishes and the community aspects would be taken into consideration and the clubs wouldn't be reduced to just being a rich buyer's toy or whatever. And they lied!

      Also I didn't say I liked Kenyon - I just think he is not quite as morally reprehensible as Gill. Gill initially opposed the Glazers, and claimed to be on the fans side. Then he turned Quisling. Threats made against him are justified, and whoever painted "Kill Gill" near Old Trafford is fine by me! We will just have to disagree on that one, but I do think that those who care nothing about a club beyond the money aspect will never get the respect of the core support.

      The Berbatov stand-off is almost certainly about budgets. Red Issue rarely gets these things wrong and has been the most reliable source of information since the Gimps took over. It is far more trustworthy than the media in general, and I know most of the writers here in Manchester, and have an awareness of just how well-placed their moles at Old Trafford are...I think United might well get Berbatov, especially with Saha going, but I don't think they will pay much more than 25M as they can't afford to without selling, although if Saha passes his medical I presume a few extra quid will be available, but I think the figure that the Glazers are supposed to have given SAF to spend of 20M is probaly accurate (although this have been bouyed up by the sales of Pique, Eagles, Silvestre).

      Just, curious, Jim as to what you think of the ACS and the ticket price hikes. Do you think they are fair?

    • John, I did say 'sort of' when describing Cromwell, I am aware of the historical points you make, but my comments were aimed at the mindless 'labelling' of a kid as 'posh' because he was called Oliver.
      As far as Kenyon is concerned, he got offered a big pay rise and jumped ship. Happens all the time, but in a 'tribal' sport such as football, it was unfortunate. It also exhibits the sort of behaviour you seem to attribute to the Glazers. I am a little suspicious of his ethics as well, as its pretty clear he shared a lot of United's info on players etc with his new employees well within his 'garden leave' period.And then there was the Ronaldinho fiasco...
      I do not condone the sort of threats made to Gill or the Glazers. There can be absolutely no justification for threats of such a nature on any grounds whatsoever. Gill is employed to do a job, he had a change of Board contolling him, There is no valid argument so say he should resign as a consequence.
      As soon as United became a PLC they were open to take-over, friendly or hostile. Indeed previous to this the Edwards were seeking buyers continually. The Glazers bought the stock, they are perfectly entitled to do so in a free market economy ( I suspect from some of your comments that you favour a different sort of economic/political system). The 'fans' could indeed have also organised financing and a buy-out, but didn't . I have no feelings at all about the Glazers( yet), i think that time will come when I see how the Fergie-replacement is handled. I don't think the Berbatov stand-off is about budgets, its about personalities, in particular that of Levy, and his need to show 'balls' with his Board.

    • Here is info on Kenyon. Does this person sound worse than Gill. I suppose he took the Chelsea job for the money but he doesn't strike me as a total scumbag like Judas Gill:


    • Jim, one thing you are forgetting about Cromwell is that the name is still hated amongst the Irish communities in cities in England, as he pursued a policy of genocide against the Irish (read about what happened at Drogheda!). And of course we all know that United's roots are Catholic Irish Mancunian to a great extent, so mentioning Cromwell to United supporters isn't exactly wise! As to why Ian, who is part Irish, agrees with you 100% on this I haven't a clue!

      As to Gill, I actually think he is worse than Kenyon! Kenyon was from Stalybridge and was a United supporter, and I doubt he would ever have agreed to an AIG logo on the Munich Memorial (OK - it didn't happen in the end, but that was only because the core support went mad, and Gill and the Glazers feared more trouble). I don't get offended by anything you say, Jim. You are entitled to your opinions, just because I might challenge them doesn't mean I don't respect you.

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