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    buying titles

    does anyone else see the stupidness of this comment?
    "you bought the title"
    Of course the Title was bought, it makes no difference what team wins it,its been bought. And its no use for non winners to moan about it. Who makes the rules that run the game ? not just one team not even twenty its all the clubs.
    Manchester united didn't have anything to do with the original rules format (we didn't exist) supposedly arsenal were there at the beginning so you can part blame them. ( kinda moan at clubs who get rich sugar daddies and didn't earn their wealth) but basically clubs are at the top because of a number reasons. their support putting the finances into the clubs to buy players and facilities to generate more finances, good running of the club, hiring people to make the most of the players and facilities and finding the right players, trhen the people hired doing what they were got for and then every element coming together. the more that is done the more finances are generated etc etc.
    so to all the jealous fans out there who moan about titles being bought look at your own club and see mismanagement, lack of support and think how you can influence the situation, for those teams at the top who earned that position congratulations you earned it and enjoy your footie theres an awful lot of teams below you. i would say everyone in the premiership should thank their good fortune for being in the best league in the world therefore seeing the best football

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    • The simplistic answer to the question is it a stupid comment"you bought the title" is yes.
      Most league titles if not all since the the football league commenced have been bought by one team or another.
      In that all teams buy new players to improve.
      In the 60's Spurs bought Blanchflower,Greaves etc.United bought Law,Crerend,Stepney etc.Everton bought Ball,Kendall etc.
      Liverpools dominance in the late 70's and 80's was based on buying Dalgliesh,souness,hansen,rush,kennedy etc etc.
      And most recently Chelsea's success since 2004 has been based on Lampard,Drogba,Cech,carvallo,robben etc etc.
      But the whole argument is more complicated than simply having money to buy new players.The right manager,identifying the right players to buy,investing in the clubs future and having a long term growth plan and not overstretching the clubs finances are also very important.O'Leary and Leeds Utd being the prime example of how it can go wrong

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      • If money equals success how come spurs have only the carling cup to show for their huge oulay? They are one of the biggest spenders in the premiership yet have never quite managed to get in to the top four. Perhaps its because instead of buying one or two players for large transfer fees they buy a number of players for smaller fees. Sometimes they get a real bargain like Berbatov or Woodgate but the fact is that although spurs have one of the largest squads in the premiership too many of their backup players lack quality especially in defence.

    • "to all the jealous fans out there who moan about titles being bought look at your own club and see mismanagement......." ???

      jul, I think you got this one totally screwed up, in other spheres of business Man United will be termed as 'mismanaged' by the current owners for now carrying huge debts compared to the previous state of affairs. I will study Uniteds latest set of accounts which are available for public viewing before dissing it out to rival fans if I were you.