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  • What possessed him? It was an idiotic thing to do and he will now miss utd`s opening game in the CL as a result.

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    • No, it's not reasonable to bracket Lampard with Ronaldo, Berbatov and Adebayor. Those three made it clear they wanted to break their contracts and move, as their egos outgrew their respect for their clubs. Lampard never said anything other than he wanted to play for Chelsea for the rest of his days.

      The accusation I am only defending him out of loyalty to my club is also wrong. If it had been Drogba who had been fingered with these others I would not have batted an eyelid. It was Drogba, not Lampard, who showed disprespect to Chelsea by publicly talking about breaking his contract and moving elsewhere. But like Ronaldo and Adebayor he discovered that other forces prevented it happening.


    • He was trying to catch it in order to prevent any of the ZSP players heading it into the met.

    • lol big men acting hard over the ciberweb


    • ZENIT 2 UNITED 1

    • i agree with mandy and cheatingscholes. Scholes is nothing buta ginger prick through and though. What a tw@t, even worse than that fatty maradona. Scholes should be hurried into retirement.

    • Bring it you sad Geordie, You hide behind your little PC and rant like you own them,Well like I said BRING IT DICKHEAD, I'M WAITING.

    • For a start he will be banned for one game you thick cunt and if we are blaming just one person then that shows just how little you know about football let alone United you retarded fuck witt.

      Now fuck off back to Bar Code Land and support players like Barton who are a real example to our kids today.What a nob you really are Shearer.Like your name I just wonder whether you chose that name because he being your hero and being a loser is an ideal role model to follow.


    • We'll live Devon, is it really that big a deal?

      I knew the press would go mental, but I didnt think our fans would concentrate their criticism on that incident.

      I dont know what he was thinking, there were alot of frustrated United players out there, the team was poor and so many individuals had poor performances, whilst Zenit gave them nothing.

      Its one stupid moment, but its not like he head butted anyone. He was due a red card anyway for all those rubbish (yet intended) poor tackles. Looks like these things do find a way of balancing themselves out!

      Carrick and Anderson in the middle for our next European game then, we'll live.

    • perspective ?? who else BUT Roman would do it ? I'm convinced he snaps up all and chunder regardless just to stop them playing against him. Lampard will be 64 and on the books.

      That being said - Lampard and Scholes go hand in hand for mine (ok scholes a bit higher cause I'm MU) both professional, both English, both great plyers, and both humble. (but how the &$@* would any of us know because all we see and read is from the media). Maybe Scholes isn't media shy after all but his red hair clashes with the lens or something ??

      As for the hand ball. Let it go. Yes bad mistake. Yes he'll miss CL opener(s) ?, yes doctors and nurses are better role models, yes he's got the timing of a broken watch when it comes to tackling (and admits it), yes Ronaldo played silly buggers over his contract. Yes .... I admit to getting drunk once and being sick on my girlfriend. (By the way she's now my wife) ....forgotten in a week (Scholes that is .... not me being sick on the cheese and kisses ... anyone that's married will know that that will NEVER be forgotten).

      Anyways .... You can tell it's early season. Much more to talk about. Agree with all and bring on the Berbs.

      Come on ye reds.....

      AB (OZ)

    • Since the mutterings started about the possibility of him leaving Chelsea he has said nothing publicly except that he wanted to play for Chelsea for the rest of his career. ?

      c'mon robert, lets put things into perspective here, how many teams would offer a 31 year old player 5 years contract and £150,000 weekly? no other club but chelsea.

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