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  • seven of eleven seven of eleven Sep 5, 2008 01:42 Flag

    Can United compete with City in the future?

    If the Glaz..s had such rich backers.. they wouldent need a loan to buy us...Rob London

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    • Seems both United and Chelski will have trouble competing with the new owners of city financially, but the real question is will United be able to compete with them on the pitch, and the answer to that one is a resounding yes....
      Despite the millions that Roman has sunk into chelski, they have not exactly steamrolled their way to unchallenged success domestically, or on the CL front, and while city may be able to compete more evenly with the current top EPL teams once better players are brought in, spending huge ammounts does not guarantee trophys will be won..

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      • all this hype, lets see if football rules the day and all the talk of money laden players will be put to rest, yes man city are now well off, yes man city are buying players, yes, man city have no cups as yet.

        if all you ex players can remember back to your playing days, if a local opo team were to get in new players who, lets say had a reputation of being good at the trade. well, i don't think that i am the only one to say that it made me a better player playing against those players, and it gave me even more want to be successful, in turn it made it harder for the premadonnas to apply their skill in the way the used to. does anyone agree with me.