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    GB vs. England

    Hey i have a question to all the british people. i'm not trying to insult anybody here but i dont understand why don't you brits combine your football team? murray is shown with a british flag, also during the 2008 olympics i noticed that it was GB not england, scotland, etc... so why not do the same with the football teams? imagine the england squad in 1998 with giggs and roy keane that would have probably won the world cup.

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    • Except that Montenegro,Kosovo,Bosnia,Croatia,Macedonia and Slovenia are not any longer part og Yugoslavia.Russia is one country,as is the 16 ex soviet block states John

    • As I read it, based on the theory that GB should play as one team, then surely Yugoslavia should revert back to being one team, instead of six, and Russia should also play as one team, instead of 16..............or is it more this week?

      Can't see it happening in any event.

    • The topic should be UK vs England

      Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland and Wales. This (GB) plus Northern Ireland is the United Kingdom.

      And yes one team is enough.

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      • Any move toward a joint [UK/GB] team could severely jeopardise the independent status of the four Home Associations. All four Associations' have a proud tradition of very long standing which fans from the four countries wish to retain and any move toward a joint team is seen a major threat to this status.

        There is a view within FIFA & UEFA that England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales should compete jointly under the banner of Great Britain on a permanent basis. This is largely on a political basis - 1 vote against Blabber and his cronies instead of 4.

        If there was only one association, say GB FA for want of a name, then presumably the Glasgow teams would want to be in the EPL.

        Also, if there was a GB FA then teams from San Marino, Andorra, Faroe Isles and others would disappear.

      • sorry i live in the United States so i'm an outsider to this issue which is the reason i asked to begin with my intention was not to start a feud based on underlying political issues. I'm sorry didn't mean to start an argument.

    • The country GB exists now. The European Union is not the same as it and will never be. Keep your anti-Europe rants for your Tory friends and fellow Sun readers.

      The simple fact, whether you like it or not is that GB is one country and therefore one country should have one team.

      Incidentally, Northern Ireland is not part of GB. It's part of the United Kingdom of GB & NI. So the team name should be United Kingdom.

    • Scotland only have a good goal keeper. N Ireland are rubbish and their star player ( Healy ) stuggles in the premier league. Koumas is the only decent international Wales has. The rest would have to come from England. I won't have any of the senior players in the team though. ok maybe 2 or 3 but i won't have Gerard, Lampard, Beckham or Rooney in the team. The under 21 team have alot of quality as it is.

    • If you want to know get off your arse and pick your books up

    • because for one the most scottish people are stubborn they would nt have it. All that bravehart lark and all, no one really cares. Wales dont really care and are basically england and the only good player they have is ramsey. basically it might be an idea for the olympics i doubt any of the other countries would be wanting to asociate with englans

    • Tradition dictates it, as does individual national pride.

      I do cheer on any of the 'home' teams when playing internationals.....all that is except for Scotland.

    • oh wait roy keane is from Rep of Ireland my mistake but the question remains the same none the less.