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  • seven of eleven seven of eleven Sep 11, 2008 07:07 Flag

    Is the Man City takeover illegal ?

    You guy's might have done this thread before,but ....is the Man City takeover illegal.Example when Rupert Murdoch tried to take over United, I google'd this,Quote: Mon Sept7 1998,M.P's from all sides have called for action to block Rupert Murdoch's bid for control of Man Utd. The cross party football has demanded the deal be referred to the office of Fair Trading,fearing a conflict of interest if a major sport's broadcaster were to own the club,and MP's say they want a chance to debate the takeover bid in parliament before any decision of the proposal is made "Not good for football" Joe Ashton Labour chirman of the football group said the government would would have to act because M,P's from all parties as well as the Public were angry at Mr Murdoch's action.Un Quote: well i say what a load oh sh.t, i know a lot of United supporters were against the takeover at the time,and Murdoch was very powerful with ,B.S.B Sky,Sun Etc and so the power's that be made sure the takeover was stopped,to stop United becoming too powerful,So why is not the the same for than,as Chelsea and now Man City they were/are allowed to become too powerful but not United at the time,so it's all right for City now to tap up every player in the world, even though Thaksin, Shinawatra assets were frozen in Thailand, and he's allowed to get these new backer's in(Abu Dubai Group : estimated to be near a Trillion)so if this is not for a case of inverestagation by the O.F.T, MP's Debateing in Parliament,to stop the total City takeover i dont know what is,but of course they wont bother,or makeout they have, it was only United they were interested in to stop,i know there are now bigger player's than Murdoch, but this was back than (1998) i smell the old anti-United rat. " NOT GOOD FOR FOOTBALL" (Joe Ashton labour chairman on United takeover 1998) Haaaaa joker , Rob L

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