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    Carlos Queiroz : How Much are You Missing Him?

    Serious question, after watching Man U getting beat by us today, it struck do you think you are missing Carlos Queiroz?

    I know your missing probably the best player in the world but liverpool where missing 2 of the best players in the world also but you looked short of idea's and unbalenced which apprently has been the norm this season.

    Obvuiously this doesnt make Man U a bad team or SAF a bad manager but you look completely different to last year.

    When he left last time, you went a season without anything?

    so do you think he is being missed?

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    • Lester your doing it again...Reality check ..(from their view)you've got nothing..never going to have nothing,in this case no manager,which is understandable,your message board is cold damp feeling sorry for itself...blow the dust off...no not in my face...lester..you have to come here...its the neuclius,the magnetic force...i mean i wouldent even know to look for a nother mess board...hip...hip...hip...hip...got to go got hecups....

    • Yours ours..i told you to to behave...

    • Hey, I'm not initiating any p1sstaking here. I'm just asking a civilised question, and throwing back what's been dished out to us in the name of fun.

      Just seems some can't take their own medicine back..

      Your name calling means nothing to me.

    • C.Q of course was a good coach,and not sure about Micky Phelen(now coach),he was only a average United player,a bit in the Fletcher mould,so i,m not to sure i would have thought a foreign coach is the way to go,actually United today were poor,and C.Q used to work on the defence aspect,which again has gone missing,contury to stats :United have always had trouble defending go back a bit, Smeichael us to marshall our defence from goal,and when teams with pace ran at us were/are all over the place,we give the ball away too cheaply in midfield which puts pressure on our back line causing us all sorts of problems if you control the midfield you control most games,yes a C.Q type coach.....please.

    • yeah i sometimes wonder whether Phelan is a stopgap until someone better comes along, though I doubt a great man like Ferguson would be so short term in his outlook. However United fans are pretty pissed off at the moment and I suppose we're looking for scapegoats e.g. no Ronaldo, no Queiroz, Rooney out of shape, Scholes underperforming etc. Basically United were very poor today, perhaps they're expecting other teams to show them too much respect coz they're a double champs. I don't know, but I'm expecting a long, hard season. Still at least across the city Robihno didn't disappoint ...4 seconds of genius...89 mins 56 seconds of flaking out...i bet Real Madrid supporters are glad to see the back of him (NOW THAT IS OFF-TOPIC!)

    • Ok fair point, but calm down. To answer your question, i think it's too early to judge whether how much he's missed or not yet.

    • Cheer James P for getting the thread back of track!

      Players playing out of position is something us liverpool fans are used to! Gives us something to talk about on monday morning trying to work out the mangers idea!

      It did appear he did a great deal of the coaching and modernised the way Man U trained its a big step Phelan

    • it's a fair point - i think Quieroz was good for the squad morale, not to mention the fact that he was probably responsible for easing the transitions of Nani and Anderson into the first team last season and moulding them into decent team players. He seemed a bigger figure than Mike Phelan does at the moment but I'm sure that'll change. Whilst the bench does seem somewhat emptier without him I don't think this is the main reason for united's poor form. United are notriously slow starters in the domestic season and it is always going to be a big ask to expect them to equal or better last season. My biggest concern is the fact that so many players seem to be playing out of position and the desire doesn't appear to be there yet...take the Super Cup, whilst not the most glittering of prizes it still should have been an occasion and not just a warm up game. United haven't played well once yet this season.

    • FFS One and Only:

      From your other posts today you want to debate about football well give me you opinion on the question or dont bother answering the thread!

    • You know all about that, don't ya?

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