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  • seven of eleven seven of eleven Sep 16, 2008 09:14 Flag

    united will lose CL as well as the EPL

    If..i say...if...boy..whatever the case, whats it to you if you dont support united...muh...seem to be taking a lot of concern...i say a little ...paronoid...worried..hum just lie on the couch...ill .put you to trance..now say after me...Im not worried..im not worried...im not worried..BUT I AM DOCTOR..SHHhhhhhh..keep your vioce down ..i have patients in the other room..now you were saying..Quietly...i am worried..really worried about what united are going to win...look you cant do nothing about it,its going to happen...just take two of these..and there ,..there..i know Ronaldo's back haaa,softly,dont want to wake the patient's,all from other clubs..