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    Tevez and the 2 Manchester

    One thing keeps me thinking recently is that....
    whether Tevez would be pried away by Man City when January Transfer Windows starts.

    Everyone knows, Tevez has been eager to strike a permanent deal with Man Utd. And Man Utd is planning to keep him as part of a future long term plan.

    But one thing Man Utd may seem to forget that, how long do they really want Tevez to wait be4 the permanent contract eventually finalised?

    Man Utd bought new lad Berba on the last minute and gave him a 4-year contract, but the dedicated Tevez's permanent signing is still unsettled. We could imagine how Tevez feels.

    That could be why, Tevez is eagerly trying to prove his worth recently, to the point of getting a little desperate (3 cards in 3 games), even if Man Utd promise to settle his contract. His "over-pushing" of himself and therefore can't relax a bit could affect his true talent though. (sometimes you just need to strike a balance between pushing and relax.)

    It would be good for Man Utd to quickly settle Tevez's permanent deal, so the lad can play better without worrying too much about his future. And with the rumour that Man City is showing interest in him, it could be possible Man City are willing to pay above 30million pound to take him with them, because he is the ONLY prominent player whose contract may have not been settled when January Transfer Window opens.

    It seems Man Utd's plan to sign him permanently only after the season is over could be due to a little shortage of fund after 30 million pound something was used up to sign Berba, as reported lately. With the seemingly unlimited fund of Manchester City looking to bring in any quality player if possible, Man Utd have to beware and act as quickly as possible.

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