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  • Is Bolton a good game to try him out in the prem?

    I dont expect it this time round after him putting in 100 mins against boro, but given his talent and the fact he's been outstanding in every game so far, surely these home games against 'smaller' sides are the perfect opportunity to give him a go?

    He's ready and that position is his for the taking.

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    • For United AND Brazil possibly.

    • I have not seem too much of the twins, but have of Possebon.

      He just looks so comfortable and at ease on the ball. His composure and passing for one so young is incredible. I can see Possebon and Anderson having a great partnership in midfield in the years to come.

    • There is no doubting Rafael's class. I couldn't get over how lightning quick the lad is. For a South American he's also pretty tough and takes no prisioners during tackling.

      But I think it's still a bit early for him to be making starts in the League. He still needs to fill out a bit more and he is a very reluctant crosser of the ball at the moment too. Against Boro, he was always looking to pass to Nani, Ronny or Giggsy when he was near the byline instead of crossing. I'm guessing that part of his game still needs work. He also was a bit too eager to put in slide tackles instead of staying on his feet a bit longer, but to be fair, that was probably just down to a mixture of youthful exuberance and wanting to impress (nothing makes the crowd cheer for a defender more than a well-timed slide tackle).

      He is a work in progress but I have no doubt, in a year or so, he will be challenging for that RB spot and will eventually become the first choice. The attributes are all there.