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  • That it's always sickening to see anyone cheat, but when it's from the likes of Ronaldo with talent oozing out of every pore, it seems to make it worse.

    It wasn't that the Ref got the decision wrong and gave a penalty that he wasn't looking for. You can't blame the Ref, you have to blame Ronaldo for deliberatly trying to con the Ref.

    The FA should view these incidents and hand out retrospective bans if a player cheats on purpose.

    We have all played sport to various standards and i'm sure none of us would feel pleased to cheat our way to a win................But these Prem players seem to not even be able to distinguish between right and wrong.

    In y view, the only way to bring fair play back is for bans to be imposed for this kind of conduct.

    SHAME ON YOU RONALDO.But i expect most man U fans don't give a monkeys how they get any in, just as long as the result is right. maybe the shoe will be on the other foot soon and then we will see how you react!!

    And b4 you start saying it. YES< Gerrard, Adeybeyor and Co are just as bad...

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