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    Why Man United are my tip for the title

    This isn't a wind up post and I know I'll get abuse, but the fact remains United are again this season getting decisions in their favour nearly every week and it looks like it'll continue this way. United clearly can win a game without the 12th man but when they struggle they often seem to be bailed out. A couple of weeks ago I wrote this on the liverpool board and got abuse of man utd fans, since then United have had 2 bad decisions in their favour:


    In terms of strength in depth I think Chelsea should win the league, but I think United will win the league because of the amount of decisions they get in their favour.

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    • People say that bad decisions even themselves out but I don't think that is strictly true... however that said, no one in the top 4 can complain about decisions in their favour as all of us get our fair share of wrong calls that 'help' us out...
      However Rob Styles needs to be fired (and that linesman at the Watford Reading game) -- the two worst calls I've seen ... The penalty against Bolton for your lot and the Penalty against us (Liverpool) for Chelsea... that was the worst penalty I've ever seen given...

      To be honest I would be happy if ref HAD to speak to the press after a game and clarify their decisions... this may make a difference to how they act if they know they will be directly scrutinised after the match!!

    • Well if we were struggling against blackburn as suggested,i'd like to struggle like that every week...were startin to look good...

    • I understand your point, but we could all play this game. I think it was Paul Simon who wrote something along the lines of "A man sees what he wants to see, and disregards the rest", and that is what a lot of ABUs tend to do. Wenger has pointed out that he doesn't perceive any dishonesty with English refs, but he feels they don't always keep up with the game as they should. There is no way the ref could have seen the Vidic elbow at all (without the aid of technology), so he made what to him appeared to be the corrrect decision. Would you want your 2005 CL victory taken away from you, as the ref clearly got it wrong for the goal that got you back in the game? No, it happens, and after Clattenburg's terrible decisions when you beat Everton last season, or the unjustified red cards for Inter players in last seasons CL games with LFC, how can you throw stones when you are in a glass house yourself? And what about all those John Terry blatant handballs in his own penalty area that go unnoticed, or Carragher's pulling down of players in the penalty area. Don't they count? You are wrong on this one, and if United do get decisions going their way, so do the other Big Clubs.

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      • Yes John, quoting Simon & Garfunkel 'the boxer', great song. They were my favourite group for years I still love them. You're right anyway mate I should be more concerned about liverpool.

        It swings in round abouts as someone said, teams get them and lose them. There are people already trying to f*ck your board up without me helping. I can see why alot of the United fans naturally get so defensive when a difference of opinion is expressed by anyone, because every other thread on here is ultra anti-United.

    • If you want to be honist,than you'r oviously blinkered,by your obsession of UTD,a honist human failing..we all suffer fool's gladly,for our own team..as you know goes back to the anglo-saxon and before tribal warroir trate..and that's fair enough ,it's your opinion,but wrong in my view,dont be obsessed with what UTD,get,as they are winning most things at present, and dont get,as i said the natural human failing,of finding no falt's in your club and all the other's in the prem,and every falt with UTD,&their success,i mean i'm just as bad,i see it as UTD get nothing &all the rest get the desisions against us,it's the chicken&egg sit...so get over it...

    • Sunderland.............................Arsenal


      Lynden, what I meant by "struggling in" is this, look at the above stats against Sunderland, the fact of the matter is we did struggled to put the ball in the net despite having a lion share of the possession.

      Imagine referee awarding Arsenal a dubious 1st goal lead against Sunderland and what it would have done to our boys' confidenece?

      The 1st goal in any match against the small sides is very important and 9 times out of 10 always decide the outcome of these matches.

    • So when Liverpool beat us, what happened? Did Rafa have the ref's kids hostage to prevent him giving us 5 injury-time penalties? And I suppose Liverpool haven't benefitted in any way from a ref's decision this season or last?

      'This isn't a wind-up post'. Right.

    • so our titles we have won have always been down to the referees and not down to the fact that over the course of the season we were just better than anyone else. were you around in the 70,s and 80,s when liverpool were in their pomp, they got more favourable decisions than most, but they also happened to be bloody damn good.

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      • No lynden, you have been consistently the best team for the past 15 years. You used to have the best midfield the EPL has seen - Beckham, Scholes, Keane and Giggs (when they were at their peak). I think last season you should have won the Champions league but not the EPL, Chelsea were the best team - last season. Again this year I think Chelsea are the best team, however if you keep gettin decisions like these in your favour you will win. How do you feel about winning that way?