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    107 caps and soon to equal Bobby Moore's 108!
    How many of Moore's caps were for 3 minutes of football with a team already 2/3 goals up?
    How many World Cups has Beckham lifted?
    It's embarrassing that Beckham has such a big ego that he wants to try to emulate players who obviously were better than him and who achieved much more!
    3 to10 minutes as a sub shouldn't be allowed to be classed a a full cap!
    I'm sure Moore & Charlton(and others) started more England games than Prima Dona Beckham ever will!
    It must be an 'FA England Publicity' thing to allow this to happen.
    I'm sure when World Cup 2010 comes around Capello will tell the FA that the game is up for Beckham's publicity circus!
    Beckham is all about MONEY! England haven't even reached a SEMI-FINAL whilst his influence has been around!
    Bring back Gazza,Moore,Charlton,Pearce,etc!

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    • What was originally an utterly sh*t wind up seems to have morphed into a half decent thread from the good replies from a few people!

      Beckham was a fantastic player, and he still is the best crosser and dead ball expert around.

      I dont have alot of time for him off the pitch either (thats goes for most footballers mind), but on it he always gives 100%. He's a fantastic team player on the pitch, and what experience to have on the bench!

      He must stay in the squad for aslong as he remains fit and able to compete at the top level, which I'd reckon should take him into the world cup.

      If that means he'll end up with the highest amount of caps then so what, he'll be remembered as one of Englands finest players for years to come.

    • Things Beckham has done for England!
      1/Sold lots of shirts.
      2/Sent off v Argentina.
      3/Didn't bother making a tackle v Brazil in World Cup 2002 which led to Brazil's 1st goal 1 minute before half-time and subsequently everyone blaming Seaman instead for England losing such a great opportunity to win the World Cup that year.
      4/Saying, 'It's just a game' after England humiliating it's own nation at Wembley v Croatia last year.

      Right come on!
      Except for that free kick v Greece Beckham has not done much for England. England haven't even gone past the quarter finals with him. So that 107 caps and not even a semi-final or final appearance!
      The prima Dona attitute went all the way through the squad and now the aspirations of the team have dropped drastically!

    • On the basis that the few players you mentioned are not playing competitive football anymore.....who would you pick to bring on the pitch, to add another dimension to a game in the last twenty minutes or so?

      Beckham may not have the pace to keep up with an EPL game for ninety minutes anymore, but he does add to the team. If anything, most RB's these days would be knackered trying to keep up with Walcott for seventy minutes. Beckham therefore doesn't need to be quick anymore.

      What he did do, that he still can do, is deliver a deadly cross. When you have Heskey and Rooney playing the way they are at present, it can be a lethal combo.

      I say he stays!

    • When Charlton and Moore were in the 1966 World Cup winning team substitutes were not allowed, so a Cap was for a full game. I guess this is the sensible part of the point you are trying to make. The game has evolved through many eras and you could draw various comparisons with the accumulation of Beckham's 107 caps with Shilton's 125 as a goalkeeper and the other outfield centenarians Moore 108, Charlton 106 and Wright 105. The fact is that these are outstanding achievements by all these fine players, including David Beckham. There may be elements of what is easier and what is more difficult in building a century of appearances for your country in any given era - but whatever the era no-one can deny it is a fantastic achievement, deserving the respect and applause of every true football fan. To label it as 'embarrassing' is just petty and small-minded. Grow up and applaud achievement on merit.

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      • I think anyone who has even part of a brain regarding football will realise that Beckham has a lot more to his game than crossing a ball.
        1.Excellent free kick taker.
        2.Superb passer.
        3.Great football brain.
        4.Ability to come back and help out in defence.
        5 An excellent onfield leader.
        6.Scorer of spectacular goals from open play.
        Only people who are biased against his club sides would fail to recognise these things.I am not an England fan but i applaud Beckham for what he has done for England and i believe all England fans should do likewise.

      • This thread was started by the kind of dick head that boos England players at Wembley, then goes patriotically potty when this happens
        I am ashamed that these people are even allowed to call themselves English.
        I'm sure if you asked Beckham if he thought he had the right to stand shoulder to shoulder with Charlton and Moore he'd be quite embarrassed. If you want to make a comparison it should be on minutes played. The fact is we now have subs, and it's quite right that you should get a cap for it, should it be your first or 101st.
        Considering how shite Bentley actually is, and that Beckham is the best crosser of a ball I have ever seen, period. And that Capello clearly isn't taking instructions from anybody (thank God), Beckham thoroughly deserves his place in the squad.

    • He is a great crosser and a great money spinner...That's all.

    • Achieved much more? Tell me, how many times did Bobby Moore win the league? Did he ever win the european cup? Did he ever win a league title with another top european club? Answer is never to all three. He may have won the world cup but as for succuss in his career, David Beckham has won much more.
      And you can't put the blame for Englands failures as a team on David Beckham. He's dug England out of a hole his fair share of times, and put his heart and sole into playing for his country.
      Now im not slagging off Bobby Moore, so don't get me wrong here, he was a great player, but so is David Beckham, and he fully deserves all the accolades he has achieved in what has been a hugely successful career.

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      • Lol i was basically going to say what steve did. Right on steve!

        Besides i dont know about you, but when beckham came on in the kazakhstan game. He was quality! He can still deliver a ball in the box better than anybody else in the wolrd, and he set up a goal, so how are they cheap england caps? Capello knows exactly what he is doing with beckham having managed him succesfully at Real Madrid (after there little bust up)

        It isn't about giving him cheap england caps, but using him effectively and effieciently given his deteriorating fitness,strength due to inclining age, hence why he is mostly a sub. I am sure that if beckham could easily cope 90 minutes he would be in the starting line up.

    • It's very embarassing, as his name does not belong up there with the greats. Wright, Moore Charlton! The thing is though Bobby Moore was not remembered for how many caps he received, he was remembered for being the great captain who lifted World Cup for England.

    • Beckham wouldn't get picked if he wasn't offering something to the team. It's not like you get picked just by showing up for England training - it's quite rare for players to retire from International football, only the best get to do that, and a lot of the best keep on going for as long as Beckham has, if not longer.

    • Ermm...do you complain when 5 mins from time your club does a substitution? That's an appearance as well! Piss off...it was just one game. He's gonna beat it sooner or later. C'mon he's always worn his heart on his sleeve for england games and y not? So what if he's gonna have more caps...They're totally different players.

      At United Giggs has broken a few of Bobby's records. Does that make him a better player? No it doesn't. It just means that he's been there that long and the manager has picked him to play that many times. Sod off!

    • I don't think Charlton, Gazza, Moore, Pearce, etc play football anymore