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  • ME ME Oct 20, 2008 21:00 Flag


    Things Beckham has done for England!
    1/Sold lots of shirts.
    2/Sent off v Argentina.
    3/Didn't bother making a tackle v Brazil in World Cup 2002 which led to Brazil's 1st goal 1 minute before half-time and subsequently everyone blaming Seaman instead for England losing such a great opportunity to win the World Cup that year.
    4/Saying, 'It's just a game' after England humiliating it's own nation at Wembley v Croatia last year.

    Right come on!
    Except for that free kick v Greece Beckham has not done much for England. England haven't even gone past the quarter finals with him. So that 107 caps and not even a semi-final or final appearance!
    The prima Dona attitute went all the way through the squad and now the aspirations of the team have dropped drastically!