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  • John S John S Oct 21, 2008 21:15 Flag

    Does Platini have a point?

    Once we get past the jingoistic 'froggie-bashing' and analyze what he is saying, it is quite interesting:

    "Do you want in Liverpool an Arab sheikh as president with one Brazilian coach and nine or eleven African players? Where is Liverpool in that? You have to make some rules. You have to have identity, that is where football's popularity lies."


    "I'm not sure if the president of Manchester City occupies himself with developing football in the town of Manchester. Football was created because Manchester City's players were against Manchester United's player. Today I don't see why Manchester City's Qatari president is against the American president of United. Otherwise why should the club call itself Manchester? They should call themselves, I don't know Coca-Cola. And if you don't have English players, why play in England? It's as if 100% of people in the French government were foreigners."

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    • I am certain Platini is not a racist; and you can understand he has a point about home-grown talent. Absolute 'local' talent is an ideal, that now belongs to a bygone era. Football has moved on and people want to see the best players in the world in the major leagues of the world. Subject to EU laws UEFA have been discussing bringing back a minimum requirement of 6 home-nation players in the starting line up for each CL game. What did annoy me about Platini at the time of the 2008 CL final was him banging on about Manchester United having too many foreign players when United started with that very benchmark of 6 English players (Brown, Ferdinand, Hargreaves, Scholes, Carrick, Rooney) to Chelsea's 4 (Terry, Lampard and the 2 Coles). People like Platini often pick United as their direct or implied target in these matters, but United's actual content of home-nation players in their squad and starting line-up is greater than most at this level.

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      • I did post a "get off my jingoistic froggie bashing pulpit" missive complete with my usual tripe about how we'd be moaning on incessantly if it were the spanish or italians who had a league like we do, and how the french are programmed to assume the we've always got it wrong. Maybe I got filtered for spamming.

        Anyway, here's another :)
        I just cant see how they are going to get "6 starting locals" off the ground again now as there are few elite clubs in europe who are going to vote for this. We could, remarkably, get away with it. l'Arsenal , quite ironically, would be obliterated. (surely they should now be counted as a mainland european club anyway now).
        As for ownership versus community, I dont see how the heck they are going to legislate for that. It's up to fans to demand this. In any case, we've had plenty of english owners who, when there is some hard cash on offer, havent hesitated to ride roughshod straight through fans and community.
        The early history of fcum is regrettable in hindsight (though I dont believe we'd have got it going without some serious dummy spitting). afcl have been able to play this differently and it could open the door for other fans to get off their lardy backsides and do this.

      • welshmu well done on the bronze you earned it....
        Theres an element of sense in local talent but can we have these guys stop and think before flapping their gums, aren't leaders of these thing meant to do that?
        We have the FA doing their own thing with the ludicrous travelling distance rule.
        are uefa or eufa going to give the scots n irish and wales full independence or rule that the various regions of italy spain france etc are governed by the same rules? if thats the case hows monaco ever going to have a team (just an example there's others)
        I applaud the (if you take it at face value) desire to develope nations youth to secure national teams, however i don't believe this how it should be done...players should be get along according to ability not nationality....the infrastructure should help the developing talent have a route to become good enough to step into top class teams instead of the reserve set up we have now (youth teams should be youth teams not the reserves

    • He does have a point but todays modern game revovles around whoever has the most money and if some american or arab billionaire wants to own a club in england france germany spain etc. why shouldn't they. he is only jealous because no one wants to own a french clucb anyway.

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      • Why does the new breed of football fan always cite jealousy when it comes to the wealth of owners? Maybe Platini actually cares about football being mutilated beyond recognition by rapacious, money-obsessed owners. Maybe he cares about the game. Maybe he has hasn't been hypnotized into believing that football is a way of making money for people with zero interest in the game. Maybe unlike the new breed of 'customer' consuming 'entertainment', he actually understands why clubs were formed and why the FAs Rule 34 existed 9although now largely ignored and bypassed).

        I also think Chris' point about Platini being racist is well wide of the mark, to be honest, as he is simply taking about the cultural integrity of clubs, and their origins within particular leagues. BTW - of course France has an equivalent of the NF. Have you never heard of Le Pen?

    • Platini has a very good footballing case (local representation) why clubs should resist foreign ownership, but sadly the business side of running a modern day football club will always prevail in this instance, even though the latter option (business /money men) is the bad choice for club football. The idea of representing local identity is a very good notion and has been raging on in one form or another over the last few years, but sadly the attractiveness of holding a football club as an investment asset in their varied porfolio is now appealing to more and more 'money men', these group of investors are a very powerful pressure group within UEFA /FIFA itself, therefore influencial to key decisions.

    • In a way I completely agree, with regards to football, we all want to see United representing Manchester and vice versa. Its been debated on here enough though, and to be honest, I've lost interest in the subject. I do have a bit of bias towards the manc lads that come through.

      When I step back from football and look at what he's saying though I cant help see something extremely old fashioned, but Im sure the French version of the BNP could appreciate his sentiment, if they exist!

      One of the biggest problems in this world is this whole idea of division, be it, race, religion, nationality etc. Socrates, before he died, said he wasn't a man of Greece, but a man of the world. When people start thinking like this then we can move on from Platini's primitive way of thinking, which unfortunately holds sway with the majority.