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  • james james Oct 21, 2008 22:30 Flag

    Does Platini have a point?

    He does have a point but todays modern game revovles around whoever has the most money and if some american or arab billionaire wants to own a club in england france germany spain etc. why shouldn't they. he is only jealous because no one wants to own a french clucb anyway.

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    • Why does the new breed of football fan always cite jealousy when it comes to the wealth of owners? Maybe Platini actually cares about football being mutilated beyond recognition by rapacious, money-obsessed owners. Maybe he cares about the game. Maybe he has hasn't been hypnotized into believing that football is a way of making money for people with zero interest in the game. Maybe unlike the new breed of 'customer' consuming 'entertainment', he actually understands why clubs were formed and why the FAs Rule 34 existed 9although now largely ignored and bypassed).

      I also think Chris' point about Platini being racist is well wide of the mark, to be honest, as he is simply taking about the cultural integrity of clubs, and their origins within particular leagues. BTW - of course France has an equivalent of the NF. Have you never heard of Le Pen?

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      • John, bang on the money.

        Good summary. Past utterances from Platini does indicate that he wants to see football run properly the way it was meant originally as local clubs not global brand. Imo he's fighting a losing battle as the money men have taken a strong foothold in the EPL, nothing will change for the foreseeable future especially on these shores.

      • I was being sarcastic john...

        So where do you draw the line then?

        Do we not have enough English players and home grown players in the team?

        Why is it only English clubs Platini mentions, has he not checked out Inters recent past, as they have fielded less homegrown players than Francenal in recent seasons!?

        The likes of Milan, Barcelona, Madrid etc have no less foreigners than we or chelsea do. As for the foreign ownership, thats one big giant yawn, its been done to death.

        I can see why you would think my point is wide of the mark as you are still stuck in that 'football' mind frame, I was speaking on much, much broader terms, within which football should not be exempt from. Its as much to do with racism as it is xenophobia, and at the same time, neither.

        Cultural Integrity?! Please go on...