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    2 off-side goals against Celtic?

    I'd have thought the foreign refs are any better, but wrong. It's a shame that we're still discussing refs for getting 2 key decisions wrong last night.

    It goes to show that the foreign refs are no better than their domestic counterparts. I think it's time for the football authorities to introduce video technology to eliminate most of these wrong decisions and to also help the officials.

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    • come now, the problem with the discussion on whether it is onside or offside comes with the repeated video evidence being shown over and over again. These pundits who sit in the television studios giving there so called profesional opinions have the instant replays that they can call on, they are able to change there opinions when they analyse the repeat screenings
      The referee and the linesmen have only one pair of eyes, not VIDEO optics. They see everything in split seconds, they have to make instant decisions, a video camera does not.

    • "It's blinded liars like Ian that I can't stand." God, Slayer can't stand me ? That's going to make very depressed, not . But Slayer i'll leave you with what could so easily be you, dumb cunt : "Throughout our history, the words of the Declaration have inspired immigrants from around the world to set sail to our shores. These immigrants have helped transform 13 small colonies into a great and growing nation of more than 300 people " GW (Slayer ?) Bush, Charlottesville, Va, July 4, 2008.

    • Well i thought the two Berba goals were offside but the Rooney one definitely wasn't. Last week against West Brom Rooney again had a perfectly legitimate goal ruled out. So again You can't say the refs are biased towards United...

    • Jester, an x- post before yours obviously. Have you taken your medication today as your post makes no sense at all, mind explaining how your post relates to 2 off-side decisions by ref?

    • "If Wenger told you ....., you'd do it"
      Surely that's a standard article in Wengers contract, next to "must relinquish British citizenship and become French".

    • "be swayed by club allegiance or follow the leader sheepishly", and this is coming from slayer. Now if that's not irony, I don't know what is.

      If Wenger told you Arsenal would win the league if you suck his c*ck you would do it.

    • man_united_raj, I totally admire your honesty on the 2 apparent off-side goals scored when the easiest thing would have been to go with the flow. I'm glad we still have few honest posters like yourself willing to say it like it is and not be swayed by club allegiance or follow the leader sheepishly.

      Lets face it, shit does happen sometimes when even the most realible referee will badly get it wrong, saying the truth though will not hurt anyone in such instance. It's blinded liars like Ian that I can't stand. Well said raj.

    • You could debate this till the cows come home. I'll deal with the facts, we outclassed Celtic and deservedly won 3-0.
      First goal was debatebly onside, Rooneys that was ruled out definately wasn't, Berbas second was offside. So thats one for one by my reckoning. It really wouldn't of made the slightest of difference to the final result, as Celtic aren't capable of matching United in any area of the park. Qualification will be all done and dusted when we do them over again on their own ground. It will be a rare occasion for them to see a decent team play football up in Scotland for a change

    • I'm in agreement with Ince on this one, I watched the highlights time and time again and both goals were off-side. Whether United would have beaten Celtic without the assistance from the referee is another debate entirely.

    • And your point is? Let's say the first goal wasn't allowed, from that point on the game would have taken a different course. What might the score have been then? Given the way United were playing possibly 3-0, 4-0, 5-0... take your pick. As Gordon Strachan said he knows when he has been comprehensively beaten, off-sides given or not given. The problem with you inceywincey is either, a) you don't know a thing about football b) you can't tell class when you see it or c) you are too small-minded and bigoted to acknowledge class when you see it. Again, take your pick.

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