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    united ticket prices

    hi there i was wondering everyone thought of the current prices of tickets at united or any other club in the premier league plus what do you think think about the ticket ballet system?

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    • That's new. Two different "Robert M" impersonation ID's in the same thread. Oh look, the other one just got deleted.


    • I'm not sure I am making a mistake. I agree that football clubs are not ordinary businesses but nevertheless, their P&L is an important factor. Clubs are free to price fans out of their grounds if they wish and always will be. I talked above about the cost of visiting Weymouth FC and for the first time since the 1970s I will think seriously about going to watch Weymouth play when I am down there, which is several times a year.

      Ultimately clubs are run not by fans or the FA but by individuals or syndicates who have large ongoing financial stakes in the club. RA is the exception at one end for whom money appears to be no problem whatsoever, although that may change. But most clubs are run by people who can't afford unlimited sums going in for unlimited periods. Even big successful clubs like Man U. These people have control over ticket pricing and the right to vary the pricing to increase revenue coming into the club. If they want to increase prices in such a way as to increase revenue even through lower gates what is to stop them?


    • Robert, I understand your point, but again you are making the mistake that football is an ordinary business. The FA's (now sadly neglected) Rule 34 stipulated that English football clubs were not to be run in an ordinary business sense, and that this would ensure that the poorer fans were not priced out, as when the chips are down these are the people who are the lifeblood of the club.

      Interestingly, one of my mates who is a Chelsea supporter told me that a lot of people buy a season ticket to be shared by three people, as even they struggle to pay the overall price in spite of decent incomes. Is the inelastic demand curve a little more fragile than is generally accepted?

      If you read "Power, Corruption and Pies" (the WSC collection from the 90s), all of this was accurately predicted as the outcome of plutocratic investment in the game.

      For what it's worth, as much as I despise the Glazers, I would prefer even them to Roman A the oligarch (a lovely contemporary euphemism for a gangster - or shall we just forget the Aluminium Wars where Roman and his mate who entertains leading British politicians on his yacht allegedly did some pretty dodgy things, or maybe all those people involved died a natural death! Lovely).

    • You can say what you like about me - it's water off a duck's back and just because you keep repeating all this nonsense doesn't make it any truer.

      Yes, if you continue your poor impersonations of me in order to belittle me then I'll bring it to yahoo's attention and I imagine they will continue deleting the ID's you do it from. If you say similar stuff from other ID's not impersonating my style I will have no complaint. I don't mind what you say about me. I just object to you doing it pretending to be me.


    • LOL "Habit", from the person with four posts to my name.

      How dreadful it is that I quote other people so that it is clear what I am replying to. Must stop that. Yes, of course, I do it just to annoy you.

      It's surprising really you haven't found the Ignore User button if I really annoy you. But of course the reality is that you aren't on here to talk about football or to be constructive in any way but just to be persistently childish.


    • Well done - I think that's the first time you've posted something which merits the status of a genuine opinion from one of your "Robert M" impersonation ID's. Maybe you should post it from a real ID.

      I really don't care if people don't like me. On the contrary, if you are defined by the character of your enemies then I'm perfectly happy about it.

      You "abu" me but you and Le Poseur fall into the same trap as many new to internet discussion in imagining you speak for everyone. You don't. You never will. None of us do.


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    • popadopalopalis, teeespee, I don't want to interfere in your argument; but I will comment on the discussion where my name is mentioned. I have apologised to popadopalopalis, and confirmed my respect for him and his mainstream contributions to this board; just as I am happy to confirm my respect for you teeespee. I neither expect nor require any apology from popadopalopalis, as I was the one who made the first inappropriate personal comment about him, which I regret. Thank you for your support teeespee, but as far as I am concerned popadopalopalis' initial invective reaction to me was understandable and he owes me no apology. I hope that my statement on this is enough to draw a line under that issue.

    • Uniteds ticket prices are half that of Chelskis and Francenals, when you think that we could probably fill the ground twice over, its not bad!

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      • London and Manchester prices are simply not comparable, Chris, as you should know. I can get a pint of John Smith's for £1.20 in Levenshulme or a pint of Hyde's for £1.40.

        The point is that United's price increases have been substantially above inflation, in spite of massively increased TV revenue, etc.

        Anyway, I am predicting that many of the more fickle post-Hornby, Baddiel/Skinner trendy fans are going to melt away soon, and the clubs will be begging their traditional support to return to them after pricing them out. I notice that more games now have tickets on general sale, and the executive boxes are not being filled at Old Trafford.

        I talked to some lads who were at the Hull game, and they said it was noisier than usual, more of the hardcore went, etc.

        Interestingly when the prawns left early, aside from the usual "part-time supporters" chant, I did note that there were loud chants of "You're not from Manchester". Hmmmm....

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