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  • Jibbs Jibbs Oct 29, 2008 22:49 Flag

    Tevez must start.

    Fergie has to give Tevez a start tonight. United also need to make sure they finish the night with 3 points. They have got to start playing as Champions. Win dirty if need be. Scrappy 1-0 wins is better than playing good and coming away with less than 3 points.

    Come on United..

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    • I hope he does, and all the indications in the press today suggest he will. I was very disappointed he didn't start in 1 of last weeks games, and couldn't believe Fergie waited until 10 minutes from time to bring him on on Saturday.
      He's a fantastic player, and plays with so much spirit and determination. He works his Argenitne arse off for this team, and deserves to be playing a lot more than he is. I'd still pick him over Berbatov anyday.
      For me tonight I would rest Ronaldo. I think Fergie made a mistake not doing this at the weekend for Carlos. Id still play Rooney and Berba too. Leave Berba up top and give Rooney and Tevez free roles either side of him. They could absolutely run riot and tear West Ham apart. Carlos will be desperate to make an impression after being overlooked the last month, and Wayne will also be revved up for this game hoping to get his impressive run of late back on track.
      Hopefully Michael Carrick will also make a return from injury tonight.

    • I too would like a Tevez start plus of course Rooney.

      If the visiting players turned up under any name apart from West Ham, I'd put serious money on them getting tonked out of sight. But they are West Ham and they have a strange habit of producing the unexpected!

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      • Now Berbs has started to put a few away, I doubt Tevez will get much action until someone (Rooney) either gets carded, or shows SAF that he's lost form.

        Rooney & Berbs is working, so why throw a spanner in the works. Ooops Ronaldo....forgot about him. He's the spanner at the moment isn't he. Maybe if Tevez could switch to the wing, then he might be worth a run out.