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  • I agree with you. Man Utd have all the qualities in the world to win every titles, yet there is one thing obviously lack of, that is, they are not STRONG enough.

    STRONG here mainly means the mental. You have to be very strong in your mind to fight for the win. If you approach the game very strongly, the opponents can feel it and fear it. That is what I call STRONG, but Man Utd just lack this very crucial quality, and sometimes, sorry to say, they looked LAME to me, which is really disappointing.

    Perhaps Man Utd should opt to rest Berba for a few game on the bench, take back last season winning partnership of Tevez and Rooney (hardly see both of them partnered up to play upfront ever since Berba has been used,and Tevez is a real fighter), or rest the little bit out-of-form Ronaldo sometimes. Hardly see the frontmen rip apart the opponents' defense these days by clever play too ever since Berba was prioritized.

    But Man Utd really have to be very very strong now to have a chance to retain the title. I rather them lose the title fighting every game very strongly, than retain the title playing lamely.

    Just my disappointment.

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    • The only problem I saw with our game today and in the last week was our finishing. IMO Rooney is causing some of these problems as is Tevez as they are too desparate too score that it is affecting their games. Rooney needs to go back to just having fun instead of trying to score for his 100th.

      Berba, who I was not really sure on before he came, has been doing everything but, shooting and he has been doing it well.

      Opposition played very open as well but, overall I can't remember if I was really scared when they had the ball.

      Anderson played STRONG in midfield and did his job.

      We played excellent today, even the boss thought so, it's just that we aren't pulling our chances away. And if you really think with the quality that we have, that trend will continue forever is a mistake.

      Granted we can't lose much more in terms of points but, I think we'll get 9 of 9 when the Chelski, Liverfool and Arse-nal come to OT.