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  • Readie Readie Nov 8, 2008 23:07 Flag

    Would Have Been 5-1...

    ...if Adebayor and Van Persie had been playing. Plus we're still missing the likes of Eduardo and Rosicky.

    You on the other hand had a full strength team out and were shite. Talk about a flattering scoreline. Rooney was shite as usual and Berbatov and the Portuguese cheat weren't much better.

    The football we play pisses all over ManUre. And on a fraction of the cost as well. Great stuff.

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    • ho ho ho, you lot really are a joke! didnt take your chances, would you of won if you had then?? the pundits even stated they didnt think united had many good chances and arsenal missed open goal after open goal, yer lucky it wasnt 5-1, sit yerselves down, pretend yer the better team, everyone except you lot know better now, fukk you only scraped a draw against celtic in the week, i think the turks would pee all over the scots doughnuts u muppets. typical northern monkeys.

    • Is Chelskum having a laugh? We got dominated? Don't make me laugh!

      Rooney should of opened an early lead for us with a golden chance.

      We should of had a penalty form Clichy's blatant handball. Which would of been his second yellow card of the match.

      Ronaldo shaved the post in a position he usually scores.

      We also had more shots than Arsenal, More on target, more posession, and our chances were better.

      So how did we get slaughtered? We were clearly the better team as all there chances came from us limiting them to crossing it. There first goal shouldn't of happened because of Van Der Sar flap and also stupid neville deflection. There second was a good goal and after that all there chances were on the break.

      I believe that the score line flatters Arsenal. We clearly should of won today. I know many Arsenal fans who mostly admitted it was an undeserved victory. We dominated bost halfs away from home so how were we poor?. We just simply didn't take our chances. Before Arsenal scored we could of had upto 3 goals and second half could of seen many many more. If the Rooney had his shooting boots on we would of slaughtered them.

    • United didn't take their chance AGAIN, and if had done, would have at least got the draw.