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    Liverpool, Chelski, and Francenal.....


    All played AWAY!!!

    This is why Im still confident we can beat Chelski to the title, although I know we can't afford to drop many more points against the small clubs like today, as they wont.

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    • Come back in May, we'll talk then while you are admiring United's 18th title and 4th Champions Leaugue trophy. In the meantime keep on writing in capitals, you may eventually convince yourselves.

    • Hey Chris

      I agree, people all already starting to write off United, just like last year at this time when Arsenal fans were ready to plan their parade route.

      That being said United looked vulnerable in the second half of a lot of games this year, and against Liverpool and Arsenal were not so much outplayed as opposed to outworked. This may have something to do with exhaustion (which can only get worse after the commitments we face due to winning the CL last year), but I think it also has to do a lot more with our success the last couple of years. Our rivals are and will be up for these games - Fergie needs to remind our boys that you can't win titles only with style and skill, hard work and graft need to be a part of the mix.

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      • Szeles, I agree that writing you lot off already is moronic.

        I think though you should probably give your opponents a wee bit more credit than putting it all down to 'were suffering from exhaustion' or 'we're lowering the bar and coming back to the pack'.

        Take a look at the league table this year and see how tight it is, especially in the bottom half. Just 3 points separate last and 10th! Instead of proving themselves roll-overs, the newly promoted teams are more than holding their own, taking points off alot of teams unexpectedly. And there have been alot more upsets so far this season, right up and down the table. Spurs and Newcastle at the bottom FFS, who would have predicted that at the start of the season? There will be very few easy games, for you or any of the other title challengers.

        And for me anyway, there is obvious improvement - so far this season - in a number of other teams over last year. Villa have picked it up, as have LFC. Citeh - while inconsistent - have shown also themselves capable of hammering a few past almost anyone with a couple of new squillion dollar acquisitions. The gap between yourselves, Chelsea and the rest looks to be closing, and it's not just about your perceived 'letting others back into it'. The chasers are coming for you.

    • Yes, all away, and yes its early in the season, so plenty of time to make up 8 points (you get the points from the game in hand when you win them).

      But 1 from 9 is not good enough. It will be impossible to get the same haul you got last season, so unless you think Chelsea have gone backward, you've got to think catching up is not going to be easier, and of course its not just Chelsea you need to worry about this term.

      Simple fact is you've dropped silly points. You should expect to at least pick up a point from your head to heads with the top 4, if not to get extra points yourself, but also to limit your opponents advantage. Yes you could get maximum from your home fixtures, but the bottom line is you need others to screw up more than you do for the rest of the season. Possible yes, but not guaranteed.

    • Yes, but we've got a tough month coming up in the league. We really have to win all these else it's going to take one hell of a comeback or collapse.
      I haven't had the heart to go through the post match analysis of the goals yet, but the second was a real stonker. But apart from some appalling finishing there were a whole load of good performances, especially Anderson imo.
      We now need Arsenal to go to the bridge and get a point.

      And gosh what a lot of Arsenal fans we have in here today, or is it just one prize dickhead ?. I wonder if TalkSport will be running endless phone-ins from Arsenal fans this week moaning on about how they think Wenger is/was great but should resign.
      I like the new song you've made up though
      "One Arsene Wenger
      There's only one Arsene Wenger"
      to the tune of Guantanamera. Thats original.

      (for an extra 5 points, does anyone know who this was first sung for ?. I have to admit that Liam Brady is the first I can remember, so I guess their complete lack of imagination is excusable, but I bet it wasn't him. Anyone who actually goes to watch Arsenal, and did so in the 80s, please feel free to correct me).

    • Professeur, you have a point, but don't run away from the fact that we are missing too many opportunities this season, and the defending should improve fast if we don't want to lose ground in the premiership. Rooney's shooting today has been so disappointing, and Berba passes the ball too much when in shooting positions, yes sometimes u need to be selfish, and have a go at goal. Ronaldo, who had a great game, is no robot to score in every match.

      So my friend, AWAY game or not, it's 3 points. When United is at their best, they can win anywhere. With this kind of shooting from Rooney, shyness on goal from Berba, and poor defending, we would lose even at OT. Great football from both sides, but in the end, we lost, and this is not good news, Let's hope Liverpool and Chelsea drop points now.

    • Sorry maybe hard games out the way ,but we are not good enough.You will see that chelsea dont loose we throw games away.We have too many supperstars,Who cant score hit and hope up front.We are actually becoming an embarressment now.Not clinical enough up front dont play as a team relie on Ronaldo all the time.We have no backbone in midfield simply cant defend .More points will be dropped,dont be fooled by united im not.I saw the cracks last year even when we won the trophie's saw we relied on Ronaldo too much and that would cost us.

    • Agreed its at least good to have got the away games over with first, although I wouldn't of minded more than a single point! As i've said in most of the threads, there's still a long way to go yet. Its not an ideal situation to be in at this stage, but we're not that far behind, and there's plenty of football still to be played.
      I won't start worrying about it too much until I see what state the tables in after christmas in the new year.

    • True Prof, but you have to admit 1 from 9 isn't the best return from those fixtures. Even for you lot.

      And I don't think you'll find each of the home fixtures a gift 3 points either, even if planks like Rooneymagic like to think so (where is that t1t by the way? He's vanished since the Anfield game.....)

      Also I think Citeh away will be an interesting one for you.....

    • Spend some more millions in January then may be you can get something..... cos you can't even beat a reduced Arsenal squad .... even with your Ronaldo/Rooney/Berbatov,etc.etc


    • Change the fv<king record sifu. You're not good enough, period.