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  • Dom Dom Nov 19, 2008 21:32 Flag

    Our own fans are taking legal action against the club!

    It was only a matter of time before people tried to make a stand against the Glazier's crippling price increases and the automatic cup scheme, but does anyone think the fans will be successful in their attempts to get something done about being ripped off?

    We all know the clubs attitude is their are plenty of people willing to take the tickets if this lot aint happy, but with the financial crisis enveloping the country at the moment are there really?

    I know plenty of people who were being offered one year season tickets a good few weeks into the season.

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    • He doesn't know his bum from his elbow letalone who is who on here, as he's barking mad anyway!

      I know one thing though, Christopher won't be at the match today, he'll be doing his usual thing and watching it on that yahoo matchcast thing!

      The same with Harris, another wet fart who talks all Man United like he owns them, but never goes to the matches.

      Plastic fans, the pair of them! ;o)

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    • Slayer's indian? Would that be by race or nationality?

    • I think the significant thing is that the Glazers gave assurances to the Premier League that they would not use massively increased ticket pricing in order to cover their interest payments on the debt they had loaded onto the club. Of course, they lied.

      There are a significant number of people no longer renewing season tickets, because the increases are just too much for many fans to bear financially. And the ACS just rubbed salt in the wounds, irrespective of its dubious legality (and it was conveniently bypassed when it came to the 'big' cup games - Barca, Arsenal, etc).

      This also makes interesting reading:


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    • Lester, I'm not an Arsenal fan, so I can't come up with any magical answers for you!

      You must be going on the same assumption to my identity as the slapheaded plonker!

      Here's a stand and gate number for you, Trinity Road stand, B2.

      And before you get excited, I'm not a Villa fan either, just thought I'd take the micky after Man United's failure to get 3 points yesterday.

    • Ian.

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    • And you don't have to be intelligent to see that if Man United FAIL to win the Premiership and Champions league EVERY season, then they WILL BE IN TROUBLE!!!

      A couple of slip ups and that's it, Man United would end up in trouble financially at the end of the day, and it could happen so easily, a couple of long term injuries happening to some of your star players and you ain't all that fantastic enough to get the results desired!

      Evening flogging Ronaldo to Real Madrid for £60 million is only going to pay of a small dent of that debt of £667m

      Plus, having some halfwit in Pakistan wearing a Man United shirt from the 1980's who is grinning like something half demented, that claims to be a Man United fan, does not put money in the bank at the end of the day, so how does that improve the club's revenue?

      Wake up and smell the coffee son, you're talking rubbish and you know it!

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