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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed Nov 20, 2008 08:01 Flag

    Our own fans are taking legal action against the club!

    I want to play a little game...

    ...it's called making you morons bite.

    Man United is a joke off the pitch, and you morons will never be rid of the Glazers, because you lot have no spine and no voice.

    I hope the credit crunch destroys Man United and they end up having to fold up, I'd laugh myself silly over that happening.

    Let's take a look at Man United off the field scenerio.

    Loss before tax £58m

    Debts £667m <---- Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    Interest payable £82m

    Ownership Red Football Limited and Red Football General Partner Inc, both registered in the low-tax US state of Nevada. Malcolm Glazer and his family own Red Football

    The state it's in The world's richest club and the most punitively in debt. The Glazers are no benefactors. They loaded their borrowings from buying United on to the club, which has to pay the interest.

    Borrowings of £667m at June 2007 included £515m bank loans at between 2.125% and 5% above inter-bank lending rates. The remaining £152m is owed to hedge funds at 14.25%.

    The club argues it can service its debts from booming income through ripping off it's dumb and shallow fanbase with lots of merchandise, which helps fund things like the £30.75m signing of Dimitar Berbatov, so much for SAF and his using local talent that's come through the ranks ey?

    Man United ALWAYS just BUY their success, by spending over the odds on players and increasing their HUGE debt.

    Man United are confident the team's appeal and success will keep the money pouring in and the debts serviced; the club cannot afford to slip up.

    Note that last bit THE CLUB CANNOT AFFORD TO SLIP UP!

    Because when it does, and it will, everyone will be laughing at Man United and their fans.

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    • Well jigsaw, or whoever you are. A little game, Manchester United, back to back Premiership champions, and Champions of Europe. If the Glazers ever wanted to sell there would be hundreds of billionaires only too happy to buy the club, so the so-called debts morons like you like to keep on about are not United's debts, as they would be wiped out with any sale. Does that get through to your thick skull ? The average attendance at old trafford this season is 75400. The stadium holds a maximum of 76000. Old Trafford's prices are still lower than 7 other premiership clubs. Now Arsenal are over £300 million in debt ; Liverpool over £300 million in debt. Chelsea are god knows how much in debt.

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      • Ian, can you not answer anyone back without yabbering about Man United's achievements on the pitch?

        Why would the Glazers sell Man United? They have millions of mugs who know nothing about football right where they want them, not to mention a possible 76,000 dipsticks at a home game, sticking the cash into their business which has a HUGE debt against it!

        Where are all these billionaire's interested in buying Man United then? You never hear of any, they tend to want to buy another club with less debt and turn them into something better than Man United.

        Look at Man City, another couple of seasons and Man United will end up in their shadow.

        Chelsea FC's debt is £578m owed to Roman Abramovich, and Liverpool FC's Debts £350m is still way short of Man United's £667m wo what's your point here?

      • Ian, the Chelsea debt is interest free, and aside from paying off Chelsea's debts (£70 odd Million or so), the bulk of the money from Roman A has gone on player acquisitions and wages, so he is, in many ways, a benefactor. Whereas United, a club that was profitable and debt-free find that the lucrative sponsorship deals and increased TV money and gate revenue are used primarily for debt repayment, rather than player acquisition or ground improvements.

        You can say that all these billionaires are hovering around United, but if the super-rich Al-Maktoum Dubai enterprise think Liverpool is overvalued at over £500M, do you really think the likes of them will sink a couple of £Billion into buying United. Liverpool have not maximised their potential earnings in the way United have, and with the likes of Al-Maktoum, and a new ground (which, given land prices in Liverpool and probable assistance from the council if they groundshare with Everton would not be prohibitably expensive) would have enormous potential. If a billionaire is going to buy for business reasons, Liverpool would seem a much better option at present.

        As for United's ticket prices, it is pointless to say that prices are higher elsewhere, as our hardcore fanbase is nowhere near as affluent as Chelsea, Spurs, or Arsenal. And the Gill myth that there are millions of willing 'customers' to replace the disgruntled traditional support at Gold Trafford seems dubious as tickets for the executive boxes even are on general sale. Can't imagine that would happen at Ascot!

      • This is like Dr Confuse-us getting himself worked up into a lather as I gawped at AIGs share price dropping like a Didier Dogsbreath. "Hurrah!" he cried, "down with evil America, stuff all those clubs with yankee owners". What a stupid tit he is.

        This credit crunch is more than likely going to wipe several clubs straight off the map. Much to my amazement, we clearly arent going to be one of them. What is incredible about United is that, despite having cheaper prices and better results, we are prepared to protest about the debt culture and massive price increases, no one else does that.