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  • So what did people make of it?

    Weird huh?

    Unfortunately I was out with 3 ABU's jokers who hate Ronaldo with a passion, so I haven't had a decent conversation yet with anyone over the incident!

    I only saw a few replays, didn't look a push, I didn't hear a 'beep' like Ronnie said after, but he had a free header, and he's not bad in the air! He didn't try and handle it in, so for me I think the boy has got a raw deal.

    No chance of seeing the red rescinded!

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    • the key thing is his reaction.Usually he argues, first booking for example. you can tell from his reaction that he thought he heard something or he'd argue about the decision

    • He over jumped the cross, the ball was going for his face. He used his hands to stop him getting a bloodied nose. Simple as that.

      It was stupid, but you have to feel sorry for him to some degree. It wasn't as if he was looking for the advantage of scoring.

      His face was a picture after he got carded. Anyone other than a Utd fan has got to laugh at it. Nothing more is required.

    • It was really strange, almost looked like he was going to catch the ball rather than head it. I tend to belive he did hear a whistle, but still he should have known better. Unlucky.

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      • The sound he may have heard was that of a horn in the crowd as it decayed. To me, that sounds acoustically very dissimilar to a ref's whistle, but maybe the boy has a poor ear. As I have a 16-track studio, I can tell the difference between an ant's fart and a butterfly's, so I shouldn't be too judgemental about the cloth-eared Ronaldo's inability to differentiate between disparate acoustic phenomena.

    • It was bizarre. I don't know how you didn't hear a beep as every replay I have seen has it quite clearly, although they may be filtering it in. But every other player visible was playing on so why Ronaldo shouldn't I don't know.

      My only conclusion is that for some reason he did think the whistle had blown. Players get booked these days for playing on after the whistle so that encourages them to stop. If this is the answer then in the general case players are now damned if they do and damned if they don't by trigger happy refs, and, pained as I am to say it, in the specific case Ronaldo was unlucky.

      Of course, we could follow the Fergie explanation which is that he didn't want to upset his eyebrows or hairstyle before his big day later in the week.


    • It can't be rescinded anyway because it was for 2 bookable offences which can't be contested.
      It was all very bizarre. As you say, there was no push on him, he timed his run up and leap well, and it usually would of been a goal for him in that situation with how good a header of the ball he is.
      He didn't try to cheat, so I really can't fathom what he was trying to achieve. It was a very soft sending off, but the referee didn't really have much choice. It was a deliberate handball, regardless of the phantom whistle Ronny heard, so following the letter of the law, the ref had no option but to book him.
      What game will he be banned for? If it comes into immediate effect, it would only be the Carling Cup against Blackburn, in which he wouldn't of played, or at home to Sunderland in the league, which wouldn't be the end of the world either.